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May 6, 2009

KFC patrons report they can't use Oprah coupons

UPDATE, THURSDAY NIGHT. So much for that little promotion. What a disaster. FROM KFC's WEB SITE:

We are so sorry, but due to the overwhelming response to our FREE Kentucky Grilled Chicken™ meal coupon, we can no longer redeem the free coupon at this time. But we will honor our commitment to giving you a free Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal.

Please visit a participating KFC restaurant for a rain check form. Complete the form, attach your original coupon , and give it to the KFC restaurant manager or postmark per the form’s instructions, by May 19, 2009, and we’ll send you a rain check for your free Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal at a later date, plus a free Pepsi with our compliments. Your participating KFC restaurant will provide you with the form you need.

Please note that the redemption periods of the rain checks will vary. All other terms and conditions of the original free Kentucky Grilled Chicken coupon will apply.

UPDATE, THURSDAY 4:45 PM. This just in from AP:

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — KFC has learned not to underestimate the power of Oprah Winfrey.

A free grilled-chicken meal promotion touted by the talk show host has caused such a frenzy that some stores ran out and the Louisville-based chicken chain is asking customers to take a rain check for the new product.

KFC President Roger Eaton said Thursday the company will mail coupons to customers in stages so people can enjoy their meal in a more relaxed setting. It will throw in a free soft drink to sweeten the new deal.

UPDATE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Just put another call into KFC public relations, with questions about whether the "1234" pdf coupons are good, whether the coupons need to be printed in color, and how they're going to respond to people who had problems. Several commenters have said that the 1234 coupons have been rejected at some stores or that other stores rejected coupons that weren't printed in color. The PR folks are still hunkered down and figuring out what to do. They do seem to realize they have a publicity storm on their hands. "They've been in meetings since 8 this morning," said the woman who answered the phone.

Will report back if KFC responds with answers.

Louisville, we have a problem. A commenter says:

Unfortunately for those who worked on or near 42nd St., in NYC are not able to use the coupons. A KFC employee was literally screaming in front of the KFC stating, "NO MORE COUPONS" and turned people away. Thanks for nothing!!!!

And another:

I went to use my coupon today and there was a notice on the door stating that if your last 4 numbers in the bar code are 1234, the coupon is no good! Came home to try to print again and the site would not let me print another coupon.

Jay here. ALL the pdf versions of the coupons (see post below) have the 1234 UPC number. I have a call into KFC public relations about this and about whether they're going to be swamped by all the demand. Will report back when I hear.

UPDATE: More reports of KFC customers unable to redeem grilled chicken coupons. Metro New York customers do not seem to be having good KFC experiences today:

If the coupon doesn't print, consider it a blessing! the portchestoer NY store sort of honored a few before noon (2 wings, mash & no biscuit) and then told the remaining coupon holders (that were shunned into a separate line) that the chicken was gone. I eat atr this KFC regularly and was treated like a vagrant because I had a coupon; that they issued!


well we went to kfc in brooklyn center off brooklyn blvd and they also said that if any of us had the same numbers they weren't going to take them.everyones coupons end with 1234'so we went to another one got served went back and talked with the 1st place.they were only serving one per car.


I just came back from the North Lake KFC in Pasadena California, where the sign on the door read "We are not accepting internet coupons".

UPUPDATE: Scott in San Antonio says he & friends successfully redeemed PDF-based coupons. Since he says all coupons' barcodes were the same, I assume they all ended in 1234, which seems to be all you get from the PDF version.

I was able to print it no problem with FireFox. I also saved the PDF. Others who went to get it got the same coupon code. We all went to lunch together and joined the long line of other people waiting for their free chicken. We were politely served and while it took about 10 minutes for our food to be ready, we did get it and in no way felt slighted.

I guess I know what I will be eating for the next two weeks! :)

(BTW, this was in San Antonio)

AND MORE: A reported sit-in over grilled-chicken denials at a New York KFC.

Check out frustrations other customers are having on the Consuming Interests blog.

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I just came back from the North Lake KFC in Pasadena California, where the sign on the door read "We are not accepting internet coupons".

Here in Beaumont, TX, I just tried to call our 2 local KFCs (at 3 pm CST), to see if they were honoring the coupon plus to see if I needed to call ahead to order my free dinner. The phone no. to 1 restaurant is now disconnected, and the other one just rang and rang and rang, with no one answering the phone.

KFC, I guess you didn't give your outlets enough advance warning, proper instructions, or enough grilled chicken supply.

This campaign, if it is not honored, IS FALLING FLAT and leaving a bad taste in hungry folks' mouths.

I posted about my horrible KFC experience in Annapolis last night:

I work in downtown Chicago and the KFC was closed with a sign that said "be back in two weeks". Can't imagine what they are avoiding...

Get to know this e-mail address folks.

The coupons won't print. I have downloaded and installed the couponprinter several times and still will not print. However, as I read above. It sounds like it might be a blessing that it won't print.

Thanks for nothing Oprah.

My local KFC is accepting the coupons but I get this message when I try to load the webpage offering the coupon:

"Our partner, Coupons, Inc. is experiencing an exceptionally high volume of traffic to the site right now. Please check back soon to get your coupon. Sorry for any inconvenience."

Both KFC and are BBB members. Might try complaining to the BBB.

I tried to redeem the coupon at the KFC at 748 Diversey Avenue in Chicago and there was a hand-scrawled notice on the door that they are not accepting the coupons.

Very disappointing and frustrating, since there is not another KFC within walking distance. (I have no car.)

I just called my local El Pollo Loco and they are going to accept my "KFC" coupon.

JUst goes to show Oprah just like Obama the go off the deep end and just plain lie to we the people

It states right on the website that NO PDF copies will be valid. You must select to print to paper.

I am in Virginia and I am also unable to print the KFC coupon.

In Bakersfield, my sister and I used the coupion and less than an hour later my brother went to use his coupon and he was denied because the coupon was not color. All of our coupons were printed at the same time. The manager would not honor it because she claims a lot of people are printing black and white coupons. I thought that was the purpose!

People before and after me just used it at KFC on Brookhurst in Fountain Valley. (5.6.09 2:00 PST) and guy was pissed because he said he's had people all day bringging them in with a line out to the parking lot , I looked next to the register he had a pile of them just stacked up! I didn't know about the coupon until them or I would have probably used it myself lol

I tried pricematching it in El Pollo Loco and they accepted my "KFC" coupon.

Anyone did this too? It works for me

I printed off a bunch of coupons earlier today with my friends and we all went to our local KFC in Champaign/Urbana, IL. There was a huge line and the parking lot was full, but the service was surprisingly fast (only took about 15 minutes). They didn't even scan the coupon or anything and I'm sure all of the numbers are the same on coupons from different computers, 0012345678901234. Chicken was delicious and two free sides--Who could ask for more?

I just tried to use my coupon in Byram,MS and was told that they were not accepting any internet coupons because they were out of promotional supplies. I think this was a good way to get a lot of publicity.

I loaded all my kids up and got them excited about going to KFC. Due to our income, I take them out to a restaurant only about twice a year. When I got there I waited 10 minutes for anyone to take our order. Then I was told they would not accept the promotional coupon I printed from Oprah's web site because it was outside the hours of 2:00 - 4:00. The coupon said nothing about being limited to 2 hours a day. And my kids are in school between those two hours. So we left and decided not to buy anything because I was so upset. I don't know if I will ever want to visit KFC again. I can't believe that something KFC intended to bring in new customers was handled in such an unprofessional and inconsiderate fashion. I live in Tulsa, OK, and I called some other locations - they all have the same 2 hour window of acceptance.

my co-workers and I went to the KFC in S El Monte, CA. did not have a problem using the coupons, as a matter of fact the manager and the person ringing the orders were very friendly, and did not hassled anyone.

I went to my local KFC for lunch today. At 1:30 in the afternoon the place was packed. I couldn't figure out why. Then I saw lots of people with coupons in hand. From what I was my local honored all but 1 coupon. And that person made a photo copy of the coupon. I'm guessing it says on the coupon No Photocopies. Anyway, no problems at the downtown San Mateo KFC. The best KFC I've been to in a long time. Oh, and they had a bunch of the grilled chicken already cooked and ready for the orders.

After being forced to download a printer,
it would not print coupons,
saying we had already printed our 4!

What a waste of time!
Felt like a scam!

Just because KFC wasn't prepared is no reason to says Oprah lied, then take shot at our President. HE is the President that is a fact that is now going to chage so get over yourself Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love that new grill chicken from kfc!!:)

I love that new grill chicken from kfc!!:)

I had the same experience here in Hixson Tennessee. I drove to my KFC on Highway 153 and was told they would not be excepting the coupons!! I was so pissed off. What a scam. It's like a giant bait and switch. They get people there with a false coupon then hope they will go ahead and buy something since they are already there and they got the huge promotion of being on Oprah.

I had the same experience here in Hixson Tennessee. I drove to my KFC on Highway 153 and was told they would not be excepting the coupons!! I was so pissed off. What a scam. It's like a giant bait and switch. They get people there with a false coupon then hope they will go ahead and buy something since they are already there and they got the huge promotion of being on Oprah.

I'm in Houston and I don't give a rat's patootie about fried chicken. Go get yourselves some barbeque or some good Italian food.

Pay for your own food, morons.

went to the kfc with a friend in waco who had a coupon was told it refers to grill chicken they were not a part of it, I tried to print from the library in waco also at baylor university impossible to do all the hoops and print Oprah kfc coupon other company like pep boys coupons are simple and easy to print this was impossible to download then print the systems would not accept it

I'm in Cleveland, OH and I just ate my free meal. It was great. A leg, thigh, cole slaw, mashed potatoes and a biscuit.

You have to be an idiot to think this stuff is even remotely healthy.

KFC® Grilled Chicken Fresh Chicken Marinated with: Salt, Sodium Phosphate, and Monosodium Glutamate Seasoned with: Maltodextrin, Salt, Bleached Wheat Flour, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean and Cottonseed Oil, Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Palm Oil, Natural Flavor, Garlic Powder, Soy Sauce (Soybean, Wheat, Salt), Chicken Fat, Chicken Broth, Autolyzed Yeast, Beef Powder, Rendered Beef Fat, Extractives of Turmeric, Dehydrated Carrot, Onion Powder, and Not More Than 2% Each of Calcium Silicate and Silicon Dioxide Added as Anticaking Agents.

At least your KFC's OFFER the grilled chicken. NO KFC's in the Memphis area serve the grilled chicken! Is this a racist or "cultural" decision KFC made for the city of Memphis? Does our obesity rate mean we wouldn't choose the grilled version over the fried if it were offered, so it's not even worth the cost of carrying it? The grilled chicken commercials are ALL OVER our TV's though! I'm more ticked because of this, than if they were being ridiculous about coupons! Now I'll really never go to KFC.

1) Free cars weren't really free even though Obama also promised me a new car too
2) She opens a school in Obama's Africa when we need schools in the US
3) Free chicken isn't free even though Obama also promised me free chicken

What will happen next?

I tried to use my coupon last night in Atlanta at the store on Ponce. There was a sign on the door that stated, NO GRILL CHICKEN AT THIS LOCATION. I friend called from Louisian and said they are not accepting coupons there with barcaode ending in 1234. KFC is not playing fair. It is not Oprah's fault that KFC is not honoring what they promised. So please don't blame her and for heavens sake don't blame the president like some fool did earlier. Thanks

The KFC in Warwick, Rhode Island is not accepting the coupon. I called before going, and they said they are not participating. We felt like KFC anyway, and went without the coupon. On the door there was a notice saying that they are a franchise and can not meet the supply and cost of the coupon and it will not be honored at this location. What good is the coupon if it is not accepted many places and the only way to find out participating locations is to call each one individually?

i tried to use my coupon which i printed from oprah .com/kfc the manager told us that they only give away100 coupon free a day and told us to comeback the next following day early just to get it. it was so disappointing to be on the long line w/ your kid so hungry . I ended up spending $16.23 of which i dont have kids says just pay it cause they were hungry already. Then this girl name Carmen gave us the order but it was already in the plastic bags so i told her that we are eating there ,she grab the tray and slam it infront of me then i yell at her told her telling her not to treat customer that a waitress too every customer i serve i give them the best service i could give. Carmen didnt even say sorry. What a bad service...pls. dont go to this kfc in burb. calif at victory blv. thre is 3 people who complain about bad service just the i was there one ladys name was patricia .

I didn't try to print coupons after hearing from quite a few people that they weren't honored.

If this was all supposed to garner goodwill for YUM, the parent company, seems to me it might have backfired.

Not all locations are participating. You can find out if your local KFC is participating at this URL

I didn't try to print coupons after hearing from quite a few people that they weren't honored.

If this was all supposed to garner goodwill for YUM, the parent company, seems to me it might have backfired.

Class Action Lawsuit anyone?

i live in sw va. coupons printed with no problem, just followed instructions, accepted at drive thru with no hassle at all!


I used my KFC coupon in Moreno Valley, CA today and there was no problem and no attitude at all. I used the printer from work and it was in black & white which I thought might be a problem but it wasn't. The place was packed (15-20 min wait) and the lady at the register had a huge stack of the coupons. Literally everyone in the KFC had a coupon.

By the way, my coupon ended in the 1234 number as well and I think they all do and I printed mine straight from the website. I think some KFC stores are not honoring them because the coupon clearly states that they will not accept photo copies so the employees must think everyone is using photo copies because they all have the same numbers?

These people all need to get a life.

My KFC in Austin, TX accepted the coupon. They were flooded with orders, so it took a while. But, I got my free chicken. It tasted pretty good, not as good as the original recipe.

KFC operators and suppliers were given less than 24 hour notice of this coupon, no one had a chance to prepare. These small business operators are doing the best they can with inadequate information or supplies and without much gratitude from the public. Oprah isn't paying for this, the guy behind the counter is and he's worried about surviving the next two weeks if he's giving everything away.

I live in Jacksonville, FL & my computer will not print the KFC coupons. Also, the Wendy's here will not honor their internet coupons!

Here's a report of a positive experience from the West Coast.. The KFC in San Jose, Calif (Meridian Ave) cheerfully honored the coupons at lunch today (Wednesday) . I guessed about 80% of those in the long line were coupon holders. One strange thing is that when I first went to the website it prompted me to print out the generic '1234' coupon. I knew that one would probably be rejected and logged in later in the morning and was able to generate and print a 'unique' coupon .

Tried to install but Mcafee virus program claimed the program tried to install a Generic.PUP virus or spyware. after cleaning the program claimed I had printed all the coupons I was allowed to print.

I'm guessing stores are not honoring them because they are mostly FRANCHISED and the cost of this promotion will probably fall upon the individual outlets themselves instead of HQ. Small business owners [especially fastfood] CRINGE at the thought of giving away free product.
Sounds like a MASSIVE miscommunication from KFC Corp HQ all the way down the line.

i work in a public library and we have had a steady stream of folks trying to print coupons since this morning. They haven't had much luck because our computer software wont download the coupon software. A few folks that did get the coupon were trying to get 40+ coupons to feed themselves for a week What pigs. It is free food. You get what you pay for.

It worked in south orange county, ca with no problems at lunch time

If they refuse do what the lady did in Florida and call 911. She got her damn chicken. I think Oprah and KFC are scamming people.

This is an absolute Obamination! Maybe Orca, I mean Oprah, ate all the chicken.

Reminds me of people waiting hours and pandemonium ensuing for a free tank of gas. Seems like a lot of bother and gnashing of teeth for a $5 chicken meal.

I went to KFC in Dallas with a group of coworkers. Although the line was long and service was slow, everyone was getting served and the staff was pleasant. The chicken was much better than I expected.

I went to the one here in Gastonia NC near Charlotte and they had up a sign that if the coupon ended in 1234 it was not valid but this was not the case in Charlotte. Luckily mine ended in some other number but someone sent me some with the 1234 that I will try and use elsewhere.

I went to the one here in Gastonia NC near Charlotte and they had up a sign that if the coupon ended in 1234 it was not valid but this was not the case in Charlotte. Luckily mine ended in some other number but someone sent me some with the 1234 that I will try and use elsewhere.

They took them with no problem in Millbrae, CA.

I didn't really need another reason to hate Oprah... but I guess I have one now.

I got my chicken in Indianapolis at the store on 21st ST! They had stacks and stacks of PDF 1234 coupons! THANK YOU OPRAH!

I used my coupon today at the Sandy Springs GA location on Roswell Rd.

NO problems. HUGE line, the staff was very nice and seemed to be in good spirits. A far cry from the stores in the article.

What isn't Oprah pimping these days? KFC for the masses? We don't need the Queen of daytime advertising telling the American public where they can get a bucket of chicken! We've got Popeye's, Churchs, KFC and thousands of independent privately-owned establishments. Why does Harpo support the small guy? She doesn't get a cut, that's why!

I kept trying & the coupons won't print. I downloaded and installed the couponprinter several times and they still will not print.
I guess I will have to settle for the 1 free chicken piece coupon that was in the paper a week or so ago - hope that coupon "works."

I tried to use my coupon in Lynwood, CA (store location Imperial and Atlantic Ave, and I was told if the coupon was printed yesterday and had the last four number 1234 it was not valid. I left upset and went to the Compton location (Compton Blvd.and Long Beach Bl) and was told we could only get mashed potatoes and cold slaw, others were turned any if the coupons wasn't printed in color. I felt that the loud talking employees were not helpful at all and when the other patrons talked with the manager they were just turned away. Long lines and lunch time not a good idea to mess with individuals

We had no problem and loved the meals. Wondered how they would accommodate all the people - everyone wants free. I bet it's a headache for many of the KFCs and it goes until the 19th of May. My coupons wouldn't print until I disabled my pop-up blocker.

I tried to use my coupon in Lynwood, CA (store location Imperial and Atlantic Ave, and I was told if the coupon was printed yesterday and had the last four number 1234 it was not valid. I left upset and went to the Compton location (Compton Blvd.and Long Beach Bl) and was told we could only get mashed potatoes and cold slaw, others were turned any if the coupons wasn't printed in color. I felt that the loud talking employees were not helpful at all and when the other patrons talked with the manager they were just turned away. Long lines and lunch time not a good idea to mess with individuals

You guessed it -No coupons printed.
Oprah is always taking credit for things like giving people cars that she didn't pay for. Oprah needs to dig into her own pocket and buy us chicken.

By the way KFC had plugs during "Gary Unmarried". Not commercials, during the show.
(and Danny Gans references)

I tried to print the coupon and was informed that "I have already printed the allotted number of coupons." I haven't even printed even ONE coupon. I guess that is KFCs way of dodging this one and not honoring their offer.

I used my coupon at KFC in Santa Cruz - no problem.

I tried the chicken for free last week and it was disgusting. Greasier than the fried stuff. If you didn't get any, consider it a blessing and go get yourself a burger.

I just went to buy some of the grilled chicken at the KFC in Vacaville, CA. I ordered a 10 piece meal and when I got home, I found it only had 8 pieces. And it was old and dry. Bummer.....

Long lines at my neighborhood KFC here in Atlanta today, but otherwise no problems. It took a while, but we got our free questions asked.

I went to KFC in Clio Michigan, purchased the meal deal for 9.99 and the grilled chicken was great!

My only problem is they do not seem to have any of their chicken only deals anymore. I only buy when its on sale. Its to expensive if its not on sale.

PS I have never bought Oprah lunch so I guess I did expect her to buy it for me. Just paid cash. (My cash is not going to be worth anything soon thanks to our savior Obama"

Obviously, this is George Bush's

Just wait until we get free health care.

I got mine here

MY KFC would not take any black and white copies??????????? WTF. i have a b/w laser printer.

I live in Hammond, La and went to two of the local KFC's and was told at both that they were not taking anymore coupons for the day, and that they would start back tomorrow at 10 am.. The first KFC people got upset and started saying that it was false advertising and they wanted to know why.. The girl told us that it came down from corp. The other KFC in Ponchatola, La told us they had a limited amount of grilled chicken, so they coud only honor the coupon for part of the day...
Now if KFC is promoting this with Oprah you would think they would have ample supply of grilled chicken on hand...

Typical liberal double standards - feeding the public with fat food so their health will go down the tubes.

My local KFC doesn't even know what grilled chicken is.

Just got back from the Kannapolis, NC KFC. Me and my three friends got our free chicken, no problem; thanks, Oprah, and thanks, black people.

I wonder how many "I want my free lunch ... Waaaaaaaa!" people voted for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Socialists now in office.

The location at 3530 Victory Blvd in Burbank CA is now telling customers only the first 100 customers each day can redeem the coupons. However, nowhere on the coupon, website or store location does it say anything about this policy . Furthermore , I asked the store manager, Victor, about this , and he told me to call the regional headquarters. The number he gave me was for a fax machine. It was apparent he made up the number in order to get me off the phone.

Edgewood, good chicken (leg ,Thigh) mashed, Cole slaw, Biscuit. Great service. 10 minutes ...Didn't even look at coupon.

No problems in Austin, chicken was decent.

@Randy: Are you serious? It says right on the coupon not all locations are participating. How could you possibly turn that into a lawsuit?

We went to a KFC listed on the participating restaurant list (in Westland, MI) only to be told that the grills had never been delivered (even though everyone was wearing grilled chicken hats and aprons). What a debacle!

Here in Las Vegas everything was perfect. We hit our KFC just at the right time and they were honoring the coupons. Each one of our coupons had a different bar code but they were printed on 4/5 which was the last day for printing per the fine print. We each received two big pieces of chicken and while we were waiting the line started to grow. Everyone was treated courteously and nobody was unhappy. That's how we do things here in Sin City.

My, my, have we gotten a little bit greedy America? Everyone's out for free everything. I know it's for advertising, but still, not many have said thank you for a free meal KFC. I for one say thank you. Your meal and service were great here in Saint George Utah.

I agree with who ever told us to wait until our health care is "free". If you think this turned into a mess - wait until your government takes over everything! Then you'll know what a mess is.

And you want liberals running our health care? They can't even get a chicken giveaway right.

When will you sheep ever learn?

Here are the rules (the fine print):

The coupon is available to be downloaded until 9:59 pm CDT central daylight time on May 6, 2009. The coupon can be used at any PARTICIPATING KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken location in the U.S. up to May 19th, 2009. Sorry, if you live in Canada, the coupon is not valid outside the U.S. Plus it can't be used on Mother's Day which is Sunday, May 10, 2009.

And there is this also:

Free offer good for two pieces of Kentucky Grilled Chicken™ (manager's choice) and two individual sides and a biscuit at PARTICIPATING KFC restaurants located in the Unites States, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Limit one offer per coupon, one coupon per person during offer period. Must be redeemed in person. Not good with any other offers. No photocopied, mechanically reproduced or altered coupon accepted. Coupon cannot be sold or traded. Valid only if downloaded from Applicable tax extra. Void where prohibited. By downloading coupon, you agree that KFC is not responsible for any technical problems or malfunctions of computer systems, servers or printers or lost or unavailable network connections. You are limited to 4 downloads of coupon. Coupon fraud is punishable by law."

Suckers ! Waaaaaaaaaaah ! Waaaaaaaaaah !!

Macon, Ga. the wait was over one hour for the "free" offer. When told this by store employees, most people said forget it. Store managment did't appear to care and seemed indifferent to customers leaving empty-handed. What did they expect ? Customers waiting in the store for an hour for two pieces of chicken, What about the regular cash paying patrons ? Where were they supposed to sit when the "freebies were taking up all the seats waiting for an hour or more ? Great thinking KFC.

I am in Schaumburg, IL and me and family (husband and 2 kids) had no problem getting our free meals. The cashier was very nice and we were only in line about 10 minutes.

Tried to print the coupon for the very first time - even prompted to install their special "coupon printing" software (I wonder what spyware lurks there??)...when I hit "print", voila -- "We're sorry, you have already printed this coupon the maximum number of times"...what, zero?

Back to Burger King!!

I tried: NO CHICKEN! But I did find FREE tickets for an advanced screening of TERMINATOR: SALVATION.

Maybe Oprah can talk about this? They're not really advertising, so our odds of winning are better than getting free fried chicken, LOL!

Yeah, Companies are tripping over themselves to get Oprah to mention them, then Oprah gets all the credit for "Giving Away" something. BAH!

Like Ronald McDonald House, they collect money from their customers and act like THEY are being generous.

I have been trying 2 print these coupons all day. On the KFC site & Oprah, when I try 3 print coupons, I'm asked to download "a coupon printer". I've gone 2 all the recommended sites, all of them have came back as "oops! an error occurred on this page or a dead link. I would love to try the grilled chicken. I guess I'll have 2 buy it. Also, the pdf link doesn't work either, it was a dead link too.I'm working on windows xp, never before have I had such problems trying 2 print anything

I have been trying 2 print these coupons all day. On the KFC site & Oprah, went try print coupons, I'm asked to download "a coupon printer". I gone 2 all the recommended site, all of them have came back as "oops! an error ocurred on this page or a dead link. I would love to try the grilled chicken. I guess I'll have 2 buy it. Also, the pdf link doesn't work either.

I was not able to print the coupon a notice that they were temp having problems.When I went back later the message stated that I had already printed a coupon..HELLO? Oprah really got into the wrong promo this time...

Way to go Oprah! Nothing like promoting animal cruelty and an unhealthy diet!

Here in central Ohio everything worked great. My wife was able to print 2 coupons about 4 this afternoon. We headed out to the closest KFC about 5:30, placed our order, paid with the coupons, and 5 mins. later we had chicken.

Not too bad.

RE: KFC Story not taking coupons

Being in the tech field, I understand that the people reported on tried to make a "PDF" file so they could print unlimited coupons (FRAUD). For those of us who legally printed them, no problems! You might want to understand an item before you report it!

Another liberal scam by the 2 head chiocken people - Oprah and Obamanation

Never going to KFC again. They use the Oprah show to try to promote this crappy food of theirs & then Reject these coupons here in Washington State too !!!

I'm still rolling in my grave about this !

Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining. Stop whining.

On the other hand, the Chick-fil-a restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (and possibly other regions, too) announced that they would give all teachers with ID a box of three Chick-n-strips in honor of National Teachers' Day, which they honored - with a smile! At the least, substitutes and permanent teachers were given the promotional, and perhaps other school employees benefitted, as well.

My Daughter was able to use the two coupons that I had at our local KFC. Service was fast and courteous. A nice thing that they have teamed up to do. Thank you.

Quit talking about what you got with the coupon, I'm drooling on my keyboard.

What a bunch of crybabies over a couple of dollars! What have you become that you give up your peace of mind so cheaply? This country is getting to be pathetic with all the whining freeloaders. Go to work! Make money! Pay for your own stuff! Jerks!

I was going to confront them...but I chickened out. I guess I'm just a dumb cluck! :-)

Time for a new printer Chickens.

I am a librarian. We are suffering!!!! Everyone coming in to print coupons. Complaining to us that "our" coupons don't work because local KFC's say they have an incorrect number!!! This was a great idea that has inconvenienced a lot of people and caused a lot of problems. Maybe things need to be thought through better next time!

Funny how many things Winfrey touchs are crap and she never gets any of the blame.

What a bunch of pathetic freeloaders. I bet most of those mooches were Obama supporters. Even if they are giving away free chicken I'm not going to run over there demanding it and then get angry when they don't have any more. People have no shame. O.K. maybe print one coupon per family but just taking advantage of a business is so classless. Chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes, biscuits and corn would cost you just a couple of bucks to make at home. In fact I think I'll make me some right now. Good Day Colonel!

Remember, with's the INTENTIONS not the results! She meant well, therefore she's wonderful. Just like the Kennedy Education bill, et al. Geez.

Sorry Chickens, it is Tim that needs a color printer.

Welcome to the preview for national healthcare. Free lunch for everybody=rationed care.

I printed the coupon, went to KFC, got my meal. It was good! =D

You can try again later people the promotion is going 'til May 19th.

Denver, CO

This would not be the first time Oprah stepped in it. I recall some of the writers she promoted who turned out to be frauds.

One investment she lauded went belly-up fortunately before I invested the little money I have. My broker warned me when I put my "buy" order in. I deal with USAA. They look out for us vets.

My wife hassled me to buy based on Oprah. After that happened I showed her the emails and she shut Oprah off for good, I think. It makes me wonder where all her money came from.

From now on, I will watch the Wall Street Journal and listen to Clark Howard for consumer advice. I believe Oprah is either incompetent or being paid to say what she says.

Bill Carter

After reading some of these posts I honestly believe that most of you people should be continuing with your education, ie: learning how to spell and write sentences correctly - instead of being on here griping because you couldn't get your FREE chicken. Could you please think of something better to complain about. And whoever it is that thinks you can file a class action lawsuit - please grow up and get a grip on reality - you don't sue people for crap like this. Get a job and pay your own way for once - put your hand in your pocket instead of out for someone to put something into.

Another from Champaign, IL: Those poor employees... They were working their asses off at dinner when I went in, and used a coupon I printed off the night before. Actually, I printed coupons for all of my employees as well. One per person, right? No problems and the other umpteen people there ALL were using those coupons... oh, and they ran out of biscuits after my order. I don't know who's payin' for this, but it's gonna cost a bundle!

The KFC in Charleston, Ill., was pretty busy -- I'd say I waited 10-15 minutes altogether -- but the staff was working very hard and was very friendly, so no complaints here.

They weren't allowing drive-thru orders for the coupon, which makes sense, because that would have been a zoo out there.

Thanks to KFC for a good meal served by courteous employees!

Look, you Oprah freaks, KFC may have screwed up with this coupon business, but you people are animals begging for a handout, and wondering why they won't honor the coupon after the beggar masses print millions. Let's think, they could afford to offer some free samples, but not feed the entire country. Quit crying and try paying for your food; or cry to Obama, I bet he is crying too; Get over it.

What's wrong with these people?
So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

We went to a store in Kansas and the manager feared they'd be slow. He gave us other kinds of chicken since they didn't have enough grilled. He then made sure we did get a grilled breast to try for our family. He apologized, and I thought that was generous considering we were getting 100% free food from them. They were busy and he went above and beyond.

I haven't eaten in a KFC in years and after the trouble I have had tonight trying to get their coupons to print, well it may be years more before I eat there.....finally got the system to tell me that I have already printed all the coupons I am allowed to print....(which is none) So much for chicken in Texas-don't like dark mean

I haven't eaten in a KFC in years and after the trouble I have had tonight trying to get their coupons to print, well it may be years more before I eat there.....finally got the system to tell me that I have already printed all the coupons I am allowed to print....(which is none) So much for chicken in Texas-don't like dark meat

I couldn't print the coupon. I went to KFC the other day and they were giving a free piece away with every order. I prefer the original recipe. In fact I think the chicken at Fred Meyer and Albertsons is better and substantially cheaper.

People need to calm down. There is no scam.

Find your city and state and see if your KFC is listed below. If not listed you can not use the coupon.

Just because store employees are
not truthful that they are not participating does not mean there is a scam.

I don't see the big problem if they aren't gonna honor them too bad you missed out why whine your being offered a free meal and if they choose not to honor that coupon too bad what right do you have saying someone should give you something for free??? in fact you were probably in line griping about the about the wait and going oh why is it taking so long??? and for those of you who like to grip and say oh animal cruelty then why the hell did you go to a page that's talking about kfc go be cruel to your plants that have feelings and eat them I'm sure the juices from them are their tears from the pain of you trying to eat them and after this i'm gonna eat a big steak and enjoy it all I can say is this buck up america its about earning what you can afford not entitlement dammit

Elk Grove, Ca.
Read all the fine print. It says coupons only are accepted if downloaded by 5/5/09 until 9:59pm central time and only accepted at participating franchises. So folks do some yoga and calm down.

No wonder Americans are all morbidly obese.

KFC IS Poison, as is ALL fast food.

But please Americans keep on eating that poison until your swollen guts are ready to explode; have another, no really, they're small, have two "side-orders" you pigs.

If you get the proper coupons each coupon has a separate code. The PDF coupon is not a proper coupon. There should be no two coupons with the same code.

Don't blame KFC for not accepting fake coupons.

What a bunch of complainers....Buy your own chicken---losers!

Come on People....It's just chicken. Go to Safeway and get some and cook it yourself. It will probably be much better, unless you are a rotten cook. Why rely on someone else when you can do it yourself.

I had trouble printing the coupons. After the application was done downloading it said i had a broken link so I was perturbed by it, but by a stroke of luck I was able to reload the page and the coupon printed fine. I was unimpressed with the chicken though. Even though it was grilled, it was still very greasy. I do not care for cole slaw either, so the fact that I can't choose my sides was a bummmer on the deal too.

If the liberals can't handle a chicken giveaway, how are they gonna handle america's health care...Just imagine all those people in line at KFC, now imagine them all being very ill and grumpy. It's all obama's fault.

Please be advised you cannot completely remove that printer program it has a tracker attached in my opinion I have tried and tried and I am an IT>

That coupon software you all downloaded to print the coupon is ADWARE. Good luck finding it or even better luck removing it!

Don't download any software required to print online coupons. It's a scam!

KFC? You've got to be kidding. Who wants to eat that greasy stuff anyway?

I tried to print the coupon. I had to install some software (something I hate to do) and as soon as the software was loaded it said I had printed all the coupons allowed. The coupon printer software never printed any coupons! What a bad joke Oprah! Now I have to avoid KFC and not watch Oprah. Maybe I'll go walk the dog instead.

I tried to print the coupons but the site said you already printed the maximum number of coupons, and we didn't print any coupons! VERY MAD!

Call O and make her and KFC honor all coupons. Keep printing them until they both are out of business.

gimme gimme gimme

call obama - maybe he'll help you out. just like he did with mortgages, gas, bills...

Seems printing the coupon from the PDF on Oprah's website and attempting to redeem it is coupon fraud. The coupon states it is only valid if printed from

Installed couponprinter, printed 3 black-and-white coupons at 6 p.m. Had to try several times - website was very busy. Had to delete cookies to get more than one coupon. Our store was polite, efficient, no long lines, one register was labeled "Free Coupons Line Up Here". Bought a 4th meal because it was easier than trying to print the 4th coupon! Our dinner was delicious. Sorry to hear about other rude employees. Move to the South. All I can say. Good deal, 4 dinners for the price of one. Thank you Oprah.

Wow. You're all mad because you couldn't get 3 bucks' worth of free chicken? I assume you people pay for Internet access, printer ink, and paper..

GET OVER IT. It just goes to show all of you want something for nothing. Look at the government you elected: No worries, big brother will take care of you!

I got turned away at the KFC in Alhambra on New Ave! Why are they turning away customers with valid coupons downloaded from THEIR website? I was looking forward to my chicken too! Booo!

Someone had speculated if the couponprinter software which is required to be downloaded and installed in order print the KFC coupon was spyware, here are some notes about the parent company behind the software:

And Coupons Inc Privacy Policy:

In my opinion it is not worth giving up that much info and install a potentially rrisky program in order to save a few bucks on a one shot deal.

First, nobody's talking about the SPYWARE they require you to install before you print the coupon. It runs in the background and "phones home" your browser access, tracking your use. Check google if you think I'm wrong on this, CouponPrinter.exe has been on the Norton Spyware list for 4 years! No worries thought, I just received a generic auto-response telling me they have fixed the issue, to redownload the coupon and that I have an extra 2 hours tonight. Oh yea, 99% of the US Kentucky stores are closed for the night, nice gesture.

great chicken by john doe

My son told me about this as he knows I am trying to watch what I eat. I checked the list to be sure my KFC would accept the coupons. I downloaded the required software. I followed all the steps. But when I tried to print, I got the message saying I had already printed the maximum number of coupons, but I had not printed ANY! Very deceiving. Very frustrating.

Pathetic that people are forced to download and install third party spyware onto their computer in order to obtain a coupon, then after all that hassle the KFC store refuses to honor their coupon.

When Denny's had their free meal in February all you did was just show up, none of this crap of printing coupons with unknown software which who knows what it's doing to your computer.

Are all you people really serious??? You are all this upset about a stupid COUPON? So what? So you didn't get your tiny bit of FREE food!! "YEA! I'm going to get something for nothing! Look at me! " What a bunch of saps...You all are an embaressment. , Don't you have other, more serious things to get upset about?

Gemme my Damn Yardbird now.

Chicken! Who got the chicken? I would like my wealth to be redistributed to all the obamrades in chicken instead of worthless dollars, that's change u can believe in.

Had a hard time getting chicken on the first day...the manager said my coupon was fake...HA! Only because my blue ink was low so print was not clear color But today I took the same coupon to another location and they accepted it with no hesitation

Thanks Oprah...Its not your fault some KFC managers are a few eggs short of a dozen....LOL

OK if you printed it out yesterday 5/5 then you got a pdf file which is automatically saved on your hard drive. So to the genius that said the pdf was an attempt at fraud.. you are an idiot. The PDF does however end in 1234 I used it without issue tonight in Clovis CA. Tommorow I will be photoshoping my saved pdf to have a different # And since the KFC's have no bar code scanners it is a non-issue To KFC and YUM I say get a real tech department, hire a tech genius like me, pay 6 figures and then you can fly with eagles, until then keep hiring illegal alien help and giving away free chicken to the masses, this whole thing is a techno SNAFU from MBA's that don't know jack about tech.

I love how people are blaming this on Obama and the "socialists."

Everything is always the governments fault to them.

Ironically, it only became that way when a mixed race President was sworn into office on January 20, 2009.

Before that, the government could go trillions into debt, start false wars, erode peoples rights, torture others, etc. and it was all A-OK!

I printed out my coupons and none of the digits in the barcode are 1234.

Obviously, the initial rush to get the coupons created big problems. I will say that I had no problems printing them late at night.

Anyhow, I'm taking my parents to try this grilled chicken out. KFC was smart to make this offer; I have not been in a KFC store in years. Perhaps I'll think of them as a viable meal option after this experience.

You guys should get over it. Such entitlement for free food. Ugh. The chicken kinda sucks anyways.

ITS FREE... THAT MEANS YOU CANT COMPLAIN. I feel for the people working in these KFCs, imagine having to deal with such demanding people...

Any coupons ending in 1234 are invalid. Because of site traffic, and glitches with coupon printing software, an example coupon in pdf form was sometimes displayed. People printed many of these and many stores accepted these without realizing they were invalid, resulting in shortages and flat denials of coupons because of the confusion.

KFC is bad for you anyway. It is disgusting high calorie, high salt, no fiber, junk food, and Oprah being overweight as well as Gale, they should be ashamed of themselves offering this KFC coupon.

The further problem with this promotion is this fact: KFC is made up of franchises, and depending on the location they are in, you can bet that many franchises independently decided that they could bow-out of the promotion without the knowledge of the parent company. If true, they should be immediately stripped of their franchise licenses. Nevertheless, KFC needs to fully admonish them and give a very loud public apology to its patrons. Likewise, Oprah needs to do the same. She and Gale have become corporate sell-outs. Don't they have money enough to say no to such badly thrown together promotions??? The limitless greed of these two people is perverse. Shame on you Oprah and Gale!!! Boycott KFC and Oprah. And they said the Swine Flu was bad? I don't know about the flu part, but these individuals are truly Swine...all of them!!!

another deal by one of the O's that is redistributing the wealth from one to another

kfc cant afford to give it away to everyone for free - just like the taxpayers giving to the freeloaders

way to go O - you and your prez are doing a good job for - - - nobody!!!

I printed out 4 coupons with no problem although when my friend tried to print them out two hours later, she didn't have any luck. I used the 1234 coupon in Long Beach on Bellflower at noon today and the employee taking my order at the drive thru was super nice. I only waited about 5-10 minutes for my order. Food was good. No complaints here! Thanks KFC!

The reason the coupons were not honored is they are for Kentucky Grilled Chicken KGC, not KFC. It was a big goof on all of the dimwits who forgot the difference. Try Mickey D's next time goofballs.

go figure it' kfc.. Did they pass out free red koolaid too?

I can't stop laughing!. How many fools will put their life on hold to get 3 or 4 dollars worth of free chicken!

Ha Ha Ha! If Oprah offered a coupon for free water at the public drinking fountain you'd probably stand in line for an hour to get some! Ha Ha Ha!

The only thing St. "The Oracle" Oprah is promoting is herself. She does a great job at that. Glad it worked out for some of you, the rest of you complaining about not getting your "free lunch" get over it. Nothing is free. Now aren't there more important things to concern yourselves with?

I used mine and my wife was able to use hers out here in Chicago. Both ended in 1234 and had no issues. I was able to get extra crispy too because they ran out of the grilled chicken. My wife did get to try it but wasn't too impressed. After adding a drink and tax we both got dinner for $3. This coupon won't last 2 weeks.

I went to KFC in Chino Hills, CA and there was a sign on the door that they would not accept the coupon.

nothing free cant be any good.oprah and obama cooked this scam up to fool the people i dont eat meat the joke is all on you for free food.

More free lunch?! I thought Obama cornered that market for all the left wing causes.

Sounds like most people were able to print the coupons. I could never find the coupon to print !!

I like that one person said they were treated like a vagrant for NOT getting free food. That is a hilariously stupid statement. The guy saying that he won't go to KFC for several years because he couldn't print the tickets from Oprah's website is also quite funny. "It's KFC's fault that I'm computer illiterate!- from Texas" This is great fun. A nice read. Many of these people obviously don't know the concept of supply versus demand. They can't give you what they don't have. Also, I'm outraged that KFC isn't throwing money at me.

Getting livid over a trash-can chicken dinner! Listen to yourselves!

I had some trouble at first, the server was busy, but I kept trying.. then I got a message saying I already printed the limit, but I kept refreshing, then it printed one!... I printed 3 more... went down with the family, got my chicken for the 4 of us. We enjoyed it. I was watching people getting turned down left and right, they all printed the PDF version which all have the same code on it. KFC should of just done the promo for one day, then people would not photocopy it like crazy. They really screwed up this promo, its all KFC corporates fault for not thinking it thru. Ohh well I got my chicken. Not too bad.

Calm down folks, this stuff is deep fried and tends to restrict the flow of blood to your brain (also heart) - stop in at your nearest restaurant serving Mediterranean food and live longer

KFC is a heart attack in a bucket.

How many of you people voted for our current president? Welcome to socialist medicine. When something is free everybody wants it, there will be long lines, services will run out and people will be told NO treatment today if ever. Just like KFC was surprised by the amount of people showing up for something free, so will our medical institutions.

I didn't get my free KFC meal (waahh) I'm making a big deal out of it and blaming Obama and even Oprah(boo hoo) Are you serious? Some people would blame anybody but themselves for their troubles. Sad. I'll send u some Top Ramen if you guys are hurting for food that bad.


This coupon killed my dog, made my car catch fire, and gave me swine flu. Curse you, Oprah... and the Communists.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,
I don't watch the big fat phoney Doprah, and I don't buy any of the crap they pass off as food at KFC(rap). If you want good fast food chicken, go to Chik-Filet. No scam here. Right, have some more kool-aid.

I went to two stores that are listed in the unthink box and they said not participating at all. They are located in Middle River, MD , the one in Dundalk and Edgewood are participating. Dundalk was a madhouse at 630PM with over 50 people in line and drive thru leading into the street. I wanted to leave, wife said stay, we stayed, 45 minutes later we got our meal, breast and wing with mashed potatoes and cole slaw (those are only side offered with this special, they said)and it was very tasty. Will not be going durin dinner to Dundalk again, lol.

If this is what happens by giving away "Free" chicken what do people think will happen when they think they can get free health care ?

We had a little trouble printing off the coupons because of the internet traffic. But once, we got through, they printed and we went on our way.

I was prepared for KFC to be out of chicken, but I went through the drive-thru, announced that we had "two Oprah coupons if you have any chicken left". She was very friendly, took our order, and we were out of there in about 3.5 minutes.

The only complaint I have is that the grilled chicken is pretty bland. But hey it was free.

I love grilled chicken. I THOUGHT KFC's "Grilled" Chicken WAS HORRIBLE and more liked baked chicken basted with a bit of smoke flavoring.

No problem with the coupon in Lemoyne PA. The staff was courteous the lines were long, drive thru also long, and the food was as promised. Two sides, two chicken pieces, bisciut.

One staff member said they were giving away one free piece of grilled chicken with every order, no coupon required.

They are not doing grilled chicken AT ALL in Memphis since they do not wish to spend the money for grills.

BTW, Oprah is an IDIOT who thinks she is a deity!!!

Get over it people - what, you'll go hungry if you don't get free KFC? Of course they (Oprah and KFC) are full of cr*p. Don't rely on anyone but yourself. Stop expecting a handout.

This sounds like another "hoprah" scam like the "free cars" she gave away.

This chicken isn't even that good. After you take the skin off or eat it, you are left with a flavorless chicken.

Look at all of these mooching deadbeats! So your stupid podunk coupon didn't print. GET OVER IT! Everyone things they deserve something for nothing. Pay your damn $4 and get on with your empty lives!

Way to eat healthy Oprah and followers. Once you add mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and a biscuit, (who eats green beans from kfc) you've tacked on an extra 500 calories, 24 grams of fat and over 60 carbs. Be sure to wash it all down with a large coke.


Grill your own chicken at home.

All the folks squawking about a couple of free pieces of chicken here, really do need to get lives.

There just isnt any such thing as a free lunch! This is exactly the way medicare has worked , "ITS FREE OR REDUCED MEDICINE"... opps more people showed up than we expected!...
Just wait untill we have "State sponsored Health Care" people will go to the Dr for things that they wouldnt have paid the $20-$50 office call for, and wallah, the meidcal clinics will be overwhelmed while the Government says "WOW it was not supposed to cost this much" and after failure to reimberse medical clinics like Kathleen Sebelius did in Kansas, you will have a complete trainwreck just like Oprahs Great KFC Farce.
Healthcare will not be improved, pricing will be expanded even more, and the sickest people who need truely advanced and creative treatments will probably be denied.

KFC in not a soup kitchen. Get over it your free-loaders?

Wow - who was to know so many people would get so worked up for a coupon for chicken...

One thing to always remember...There's no such thing as a free lunch. And this seems to be no exception.

WTF is going on here? Free chicken and all I get is complaints.

What has America come to? Most of you are complaining that you had to wait for your "free" chicken? You're the same people complaining about low wages paid by the service industry but think nothing of clamiing you will "never" eat at KFC again, which will put those same employees out on the street.

Is that grilled chicken that important to you?

Everyone that is getting bent out of shape about their local KFC not accepting the coupons needs to read the disclaimer at that states "the coupon is still redeemable at participating KFC® locations in the United States". "PARTICIPATING" KFC locations. They don't HAVE to participate.

The whole thing is a scam if you ask me. The coupon printer software is not needed to print any other coupon I've ever needed. In its "agreement" it states that if you uninstall the software it stays in your registry!
I stopped right there, I have enough problems with spyware!

How many of you Obama voters who used your coupon for a free meal turned around and took that meal to a homeless family? Did you simply eat it yourself? Or did you try to save the starving people the liberals always talk about?

That's what I expected. Do as you say, not as you do.

This is hysterical--I wish people would get as irate over the government spending and lack of oversight as they are over some KFC coupons. Do ya think our society is a little scewed????

Saw the complaints. Thought i'd test it. Single payer health care? - Wait in drive thru for 15 min - told had to order at counter 'cuz that is the way it is. Went to counter for two pieces fried/wedges/slaw - told all 3 were manager's choice, not just the chick as coupon said. got baked chick/mash/grbeans. Seems this was dress rehearsal for Obama care!!!!

Obliviously this was a nefarious "chicken and biscuit" stress test conducted by the Obama administration via the “O” show. Were Churchs, Bojangles,Chick-fil-A, and Popeye’s also tested? Univision and El Pollo Loco? The car companies are done, the dirt is out on the banks and now the food source…soylent green. Oliver Stone where are you?


Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Has the ONE made your Mortgage payment yet? Filled your gas tank??


Call Obama and tell him you want a bailout; he'll appoint a Fried Chicken Czar. Everybody wants a handout...

Just wait til Obama's Healthcare kicks in and people start crowding the Hospitals for 'free' Breast Implants and Gatric Bypass Surgery. It will make the KFC crowds look tame.

I did not even know that there was a special promotion going on. I drove past my local KFC at 630 last night and saw the line wrapped around the building and snickered at the people who just had to have their KFC. Lemmings. What I find the most discouraging about this whole thing. You all actually went to Oprah's website. Lets just give her more publicity in order for her to use it and manipulate the masses into voting for people that she wants to support for your government.

Brings new meaning to the phrase....Winner..Winner...Chicken Dinner

I tried to print the coupon. After telling me I needed to download some software (some kind of "coupon printing" add-on), it told me I could no longer print any coupons because I had already printed one. Very, very annoying.


Everyone who waited to get "free" chicken, this is just a SMALL example of what it's going to be like when you get "free" healthcare. Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, days and says, weeks and weeks, months and months.... You idiots elected them and worship them.

Are you people kidding me? You're acting like somebody robbed you over a damn $4.00 chicken meal. Waaaa. I can't use my $4.00 coupon. Get a freaking life.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! To everyone who posted about whiny people complaining about not getting free stuff: AMEN!! The whole country is falling apart, the economy is in the tank, flu is killing people, our schools suck - and you guys are indignant because you can't get your free chicken? LO-freakin'-L!!

Obama promised tax cuts. Oprah promised free chicken. I promised I'd laugh at everyone complaining about their chicken. . .well, one out of three ain't bad. . .

Get over it - go buy your own chicken!!

Hye people, installs spyware and opens your computers up to viruses... if you don't believe me, just wait a week or so!

Good luck.

Oh, KFS sucks any way and Oprah may be wonderful and a very nice lady, but she needs to retire (period)

You freeloaders looking for a free lunch got what you deserve. Nothing. Ha! Ha!

As I read through the comments here I am simply ashamed at the number of people here getting pissed because they didn't get FREE food. Food that, mind you, is about as unhealthy as you can possibly get. You might as well chug a vat of lard, you''ll get the same health results!

Thank you so very much for proving everything that is wrong with our country. We are nothing but a bunch of freeloaders waiting for our next handout, so consumed with the lust of celebrities we've now made one our commander in chief. I fear the country I love so dearly will soon be but a short chapter in the history books.

Get over it People The meal itself is only $4! I think it's hilarious you how out of proportion your letting this get. If you don't have $4 don't go out to eat :)

We used several coupons in White House, TN with no problems at all. Good portions and they made sure they gave a breast piece to all the adults.

I just checked the website. They're charging for their food now!
Oh the humanity!! I wish Bush were still President, I'd so blame him!




I got the free meal. They picked the two smallest pieces of chicken they could find. Honestly, the chicken does not appear to be grilled at all. It looked like it was put in a sandwich press (panini) in order to get the grill lines on it. They gave me a small thigh and a drumstick... both were "pressed flat".... not a good taste to the chicken either... I wont get it again.

I wouldn't use it if it was gold just because it came from Oprah. That woman has way too much power for one individual. I think of Jim Jones, Branch Davidians, etc., when I think of her.

Back away from the kool aid!

The franchised outlets may or may not honor the coupons. The corporate ones all do, I'd bet.

Little do you guys know, they are actually doing you a favor by not serving you that heart attack on a stick.

No KFCs in Utah are participating.

It let me print out 3 coupons and all are different code numbers. Haven't tried to use them yet, but will next week after all the hoopla has died down a little.

had no problems with the coupon. printed no problem and my local KFC on Long Island took it with a smile. It is surprisingly good!

Are you kidding me? I big food chain decides to market a free chicken meal and all everyone is doing is complaining? What did you expect? If you can't accept these long lines and the possibility of even being turned away, get a life!! Don't complain about it. Sheees! This is so ridiculous. We're planning on using our coupons tomorrow and are just going to turn around if the line's still too long. We actually have a life, and still respect KFC for even doing something like this. But, wow...the reactions are pitiful.

Someone needs to tell KFC that grilling the chicken WITH THE SKIN STILL ON is no better than frying it. And the taste wasn't worth the bother.

This is a scam they want you to download adware onto your computer, so you can print the coupon. Then it only lets you print 1 coupon, not the 4 they say you can. !!!SCAM!!!

I DIDN'T GET MY FREE CHICKEN, I'M SUING! Seriously? Its a free 5 dollar meal. That certainly not worth 20 minutes of my time waiting in line with the rest of you free loaders.

It says on the coupon that it is 'valid at participating locations'. If the location does not want to participate, they do not have to, boneheads!

Expectation is the first step to many of life’s disappointments.

This goes to show how selfish america is becoming. Someone tries to do a nice thing and all we hear is complaints.

I cant believe people are blaming liberals, Oparah, or Ohama. I dont even know how liberals or Obama are even involved with this. It is the store's right to take or to not to take the coupon. Stop whining.

HEY FAT OVER BLESSED're not a Hatian who has been eating dirt cakes. Shut-up and be thankful for all you DO even if KFC planned poorly and you didn't get your FREE piece of grilled chicken. You complainers are embarrassing yourselves.

All this talk about chicken makes me want Popeye's.

This is KFC people and food, believe it or not, is not infinite. These locations should have been better prepared, you're right, but when you look at the bigger picture, you're only saving what... a few dollars for a crappy fast food meal that's probably not too healthy for you anyway? Too many people who don't have everything they absolutely ever want every second of every single day, convince themselves that they're poor and therefore DESERVE things like free chicken. Do you still have your cell phone? Do you still have clothes on your back? Do you still have a printer and a computer to print said coupon on? Then consider yourself lucky and stop complaining.

I agree with the above posters - just wait until universal health care comes into play. If you're not dying that moment but ONLY in severe pain, you bet you'll be sent to the back of the line at the health care drive thru. See if you get what you "deserve" then.

Printed out the coupons through Firefox and they were all the same #. I assumed this was a error on KFC's part, but I brought them to the KFC in Herald Square New York. There were long lines, but they accepted our coupons with no problem. There wasn't a catch. The meal consisted of two pieces of the new grilled chicken (very good) and two sides. The only downside was that we had no choice over the side dishes, which were mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. In all, our experience was a good one.

So for a $3.00 chicken meal you geniuses got:

1. Hours of hassle trying to print coupons.
2. Spyware installed on your computer.
3. Cost of ink and paper
4. Long lines at KFC just to find out you can't get the chicken.
5. Looking like a loser begging for your free chicken.
6. Looking like a bigger no life loser by coming on here and complaining.

It's unbelievable how many morons are in this country. Get a life people.

I can't believe you people are up in arms about this! It frigging KFC, crap, processed greasy, sodium rich chicken. Plus their sides are loaded with salt and preservatives. Instead of wasting your entire day complaining about not getting your free meal, why don't you go to your local produce section and support your local farmers and pick up some healthy veggies and make a healthy dinner. The KFC's can't handle your coupons because there are too many obese people in America that eat this crap. Maybe this was an experiment by Oprah to see how many bad eaters actually existed in America. Please try to use your time in more productive ways than ranting and raving all over the internet about KFC. SAD!

In response to Veronica: Are you serious? You think KFC's grilled chicken is healthy? Man, people here do need to be educated; not only on spelling and grammar but also health.

My son told me about this as he knows I am trying to watch what I eat. I checked the list to be sure my KFC would accept the coupons. I downloaded the required software. I followed all the steps. But when I tried to print, I got the message saying I had already printed the maximum number of coupons, but I had not printed ANY! Very deceiving. Very frustrating.

What's the matter with you people??? DOES it ever occur to you that the Owner and workers at any KFC need to make $ to stay in business? Maybe a discount coupon would be okay, but free ? That you print yourself? PUT yourself in their shoes. SHAME on all the complainers...go earn something!

I would like to thank KFC in Ringgold, Georgia for graceously accepting my coupon that was printed and had the last 4 digits as 1234. No questions were asked and my daughter and myself were served with a smile.

I love how so many people on this message board are taking this KFC coupon promotion as an opportunity to take a shot at Obama and the Government. Go vent your close-minded Republican HATE mongering ways somewhere else.

America, a country struggling with obesity and a poor understanding of the difference between true hunger and appetite lust, crying over chicken. I know I know, many of you aren't fat and it's the point man.

My co-worker and I went into a KFC in Jacksonville Beach, FL and had no problem at at. There were about 3 paying customers in front of us... waited about 5 minutes and the employee took our coupon without any hesitation...

How we sposed to feed our kids?

I printed mine directly from KFC's website. You did not have to go to Oprah's site to print them at all.

The PDF format should have NEVER been released. That only causes problems and room for fraud. Horrible idea and they all had the same bar code. If printed from the KFC site, you were given a separate bar code for each coupon because they were "bricks" printable coupons which include safety measures to prevent fraud AND limit the number of coupons out there.

With the PDF format, it does not limit the amount of times a person can print out. The print limit for the "bricks" printable coupon was 4 times/computer. So at least KFC could have some control of that.

I didn't use the coupon myself but my husband and a co-workers used the coupons the day they were first released on 5/5 and had no problems using them at our local KFC.

This seems to be a recurring problem with large franchises and seems to happen with every FREE promotional food coupon out there. Remember the Quizno's fiasco a few months back? Well, it didn't get nearly the amount of attention because OPRAH wasn't involved.

While Oprah isn't responsible for the KFC locations not accepting the coupon, SOMEONE Is responsible for the PDF being released. I had readers stating this what was on the official site. (not sure if this was the oprah site or the KFC site, though!) Now the PDF version is circulating out there...ripe for fraud.

I volunteer at a local food cupboard. One of our board members had the idea for all of us to print out coupons to give to our food cupboard clients. I had no problem printing the coupon. But when the board member contacted our local KFC, they said that they had not received the grilling equipment yet and did not know when they would. To STEVE we did try to give our meals to the less fortunate, and yes I did vote for Obama.

kinda sounds like the stimulus package---where are all the people that are being helped by all the stolen money from washington--- i search daily for people being bailed-out-- cant find any--- only see the handout line getting bigger and bigger--- come on 2010, cant wait to participate in handing out pink slips to the thieves in washington

Silver City, Deming, Lordsburg, and Las Cruces, New Mexico KFC's will not honor the KFC coupon. This covers a 5,800+ square mile area, or 150 miles in any direction. I called all of them and asked.

KFC seems to stand for "Kan't Find Chicken." In Marietta, GA, I called the KFC near my house and was told only the "corporate stores" were honoring the coupon and that the nearest corporate store was the "Big Chicken", a locally famous KFC landmark built to look like a chicken. It is several miles away. I called "The Big Chicken" and they claim they are going to honor the coupon. Still, this looks like a 'bait and switch' false advertising scheme. Thanks a lot for the scam, Oprah!

my coupon worked fine. i had to wait in line for a bit but I was able to get my order. I got my coupon very early in the morning because I knew the site would have heavy traffic during the day. I tried to print another coupon at work but it had the 1234 number on it. that made me suspicious about those so, I did not try to use it.

As a UNICEF worker in Sudan let me say how disgusted I am by you people complaining that you could not get your free chicken as I am witnessing starvation every day. Americans are so damned spoiled. As a medical doctor I see the results of people who had to walk over 500 miles to get to this aid station.
Here they are lucky to even have a bath waiting an hour in line. Lucky to eat anything before the food is gone. That line starts over three hours before meals are served. Boo hoo! You couldn't get your free chicken. What will you do for these suffering people? Nothing because it isn't free, right? You people are pathetic.

Notice the difference between this mob give-away at KFC and the orderly manner in which KFC generally operates when free enterprise is in effect. Can you proles make the connection between this event and larger events where somebody wants to give something away to "the people" for "free?"

I do not understand why so many comments here reference President Obama. Was he involved in any way with this obvious corporate gaffe? No, but you're welcome to try to prove he was. But then I realized so many viewers came here by way of a link in the right-wing lunatic fringe Drudge website and Faux News. Thus, all the Obama-hating. Why do you folks hate America so much?

I had no problem printing my coupons. My local KFC which is accross the street from Seaworld here in Orlando was very efficient in dealing with the long lines and I really enjoyed the chicken. It was nice and juicy and fresh tasting.
Sorry that Betty and Helen and Shawn couldn't get their coupons to print

My local KFC took my coupon, but I did overhear the manager telling one of the other employees that their store hadn't been told about the promotion til this past sunday and that they had already placed their food order with the KFC home office.

Sounds like really Bad communication been KFC corporate and the Franchise owners.

and whats make everyone think Harpo isn't really trying to secretly destroy KFC?

This KFC incident is typical of the socialism you butthead liberals voted for. Go get in line, get your free stuff, free health care, free borders, free mortgages, free everything, and in a year or so it will have all evaporated... along with your freedom.

This is actually getting to be amusing watching all these morons chase after their free stuff :)

At one KFC I had no problem and actually got 4 free dinners. At another KFC the next day I pulled in and an employee was leaving and said our power is out so we are closed. I suspect they were bombarded and ran out of chicken and that is why they were closed.

Look's like Oprah got her chicken...and mine....and everyone elses. She's one Yo-Yo

Surly staff members coupled with lousy food pushed me away from KFC years ago -- wouldn't go near one again -- not even for free food.

First, PDF is a static file format, so naturally all printed copies of a PDF are the same.

Second, the stores' process of getting reimbursed for the coupon takes significantly longer than accepting cash at the register. Too many coupons can cause a cash flow crunch for a store.

Funniest thing though is in the fine print on the coupon: "No photocopied, mechanically reproduced or altered coupon accepted."

Technically, every one of these coupons is "mechanically reproduced".

is wrong with people?

do you really need free chicken that badly?

I loved your article. We here in New Orleans had the same situation as everyone else. NO COUPONS signs, try again tomorrow, no barcodes with 1234, NO COUPONS at drive thru.

What a joke. Thanks for posting about this.

Another evil plot by the Libtards. Evil evil indian chicken givers. It's all the liberals' fault.

They say the chicken is the last remnants of the dinosaur.
After reading some of the comments here, it's apparent that as a species,
we really haven't evolved that much.
Go buy your own lunch you morons.
We're talking about two chicken wings with a roll. That's not enough food to feed a fly. on your Opera addiction.
People that think for themselves stopped watching that show years ago.

I went 5 times to dirrerent locations around Tulsa and Only 1 store wasn't serving the grilled chicked, the Store at 61 and Garnett. All other locations took the PDF coupon with no problems. I had to wait a while but my big butt just got bigger because I got 5 dinners and even gave other people in line extra coupons. I was contemplating on opeing a stand outside of the KFC and selling the Coupons for .50 cents and making some good bank off KFC and then writing into the Oprah show to see if she would have me on her show and I could sing her praises on how she created a business opportunity for me.

People, you're getting all bent out of shape over a coupon. Like you're entitled to this because of whatever reason. Chill out, its just KFC - would you be eating there if it wasn't free? Probably not.
They have a website about it -
If you can't get your free food, follow the directions. You should remember though, that this is food you probably wouldn't be eating if it wasn't free, and maybe you should count your blessings considering all the trans fat, MSG and other crap that's in this disgusting stuff. Its better to go to the store and cook the meat yourself - at least that way you know what's going into it.

Yum...yum. I can't wait to eat my free chicken. I couldn't print the coupons myself but a friend of mine printed them for me and will be bringing them by. It will be interesting to see if I experience the same problems in San Diego that others have talked about here.


No problems here in Virgina. Most co-workers were able to download coupon. First of all you had to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS on how to download the coupons. 2ndly it said on the coupon, no photocopies and you were allowed to print 4 copies of the coupon. For all of the whiners and complainers; this was a FREE promotion. There are always a bunch of whiners and complainers who are just downright ungrateful. If you wanted the chicken so badly, why didn't you just pay for it yourself? My family went to two different KFC's and were greated warmly, taken care of and if they ran out of grilled chicken, they offered original or crispy. Stop blaming Oprah, the President , the man on the moon if your local KFC did not participate.

San Antonio here as well...

Got mine no problem yesterday. Walked in, handed the cashier the coupon, and walked out with free food. By about 2 PM they had about 300-400 meals that they had given away for the day. Drove by around dinner time and WOW it was packed.

Question though, why the hell is this on the front page of drudge?

I went 5 times to dirrerent locations around Tulsa and Only 1 store wasn't serving the grilled chicked, the Store at 61 and Garnett. All other locations took the PDF coupon with no problems. I had to wait a while but my big butt just got bigger because I got 5 dinners and even gave other people in line extra coupons. I was contemplating on opeing a stand outside of the KFC and selling the Coupons for .50 cents and making some good bank off KFC and then writing into the Oprah show to see if she would have me on her show and I could sing her praises on how she created a business opportunity for me.

Javier and Kevin - very funny. For someone who has been so successful and made so much money, Oprah has quite an ability to get involved in screwed up things. Her school in Africa, the fraudulent books she promotes, pimping for Obama, now ChickenGate. Maybe she should just stick to her talk show.

Oprah dissapoints again. Last month she published a coupon in her magazine for a day pass to Cosctco. Turns out that anyone using that coupon was charged an extra 10% when they checked out. I left a big basket full of stuff at the register.

No problem printing or get the meal in Moses Lake, WA -- Breast & Wing, Good Meal

Oprah lied. No chickens died.

Hey get it right. This isn't an Oprah promotion, she just mentioned it on her show for KFC. She is not sponsoring it. Blame KFC.

I give this program a preseason #1 ranking.


After being forced to download a printer,
it would not print coupons,
saying we had already printed our 4!

What a waste of time!
Felt like a scam!

How silly. "Where's my free chicken!?!?!?!" PATHETIC!!!

read this link.....and be glad you could not eat there today.... :-)

Its funny all this fuss over a $2 meal. People going to multiple KFC's to use a coupon. How stupid, you lost more money in gas or time trying to use the coupon. Unless your time is worth less than $2 an hour. What a bunch of was a scam and you all fell for it. Ha ha. Its like the people standing in 2 hour lines to get a free Denny's grand slam meal. 2 hours in line...c'mon people is your time worth nothing to you? What a bunch of free loading idiots!!!!

C'mon. Quit your bellyaching. IT'S FREE. And if it doesn't work no loss because it was free anyway. You're out NOTHING.

Do you write Starbucks corporate when the barista doesn't give you his usual eight-and-a-half ounces in your eight ounce espresso? Plenty of good chicken for the taking for those who pay for it. Find something more worthwhile to complain about.

Who likes KFC's a bunch of crap...I can make better food at home for a quarter the price!! Wake up people...."something for nothing, is worth nothing"

You know I like my Chicken Fried, cold beer on a Friday night!

looks like KFC needs a bailout.

People: Is this really that serious that you are going bonzo over a coupon to try some free grilled chicken?
Are things that bad that we are going
ballistic over not being able to get a
"free" lunch of chicken and a biscuit?
If so, this is pathetic. Go on with your lives and remember that corporate America will scam/trick you every time if it works out for their bottom line.
What is next? Simple. They will crank up their PR machine and profusely apologize for this error and make nice to you and Oprah will come off looking like a queen and everyone will make up and go on with their lives.

Honestly, with all that is going on the world, especially here at home with what; people losing jobs, homes, cars and the attack on the middle class as launched by the banksters and Wall Street and you people are sniveling about a couple a pieces of chicken? My goodness, is it any wonder why your way life and your 401Ks are disappearing. You're allowing it to happen! Wake up!

I just left the KFC in Howell, MI...they have also put up a sign stating that they will not except the coupons either. Great deal eh? I won't be going back to KFC again! Thats rediculus. Did nobody think this thing out? Gee, add this to Oprahs "best sellers list"!
What a bad scam on somebodies part.

Seriously people?

Only in America do people think they are entitled to something free at all times.

You do no that the coupon is for PARTICIPATING stores right?

If you wanted chicken that badly, maybe your broke @ss should have PAID for it!

Grow up!

Getting two sides of potatos sucked. It totally destroyed the experience. The wife and I thought we would try it in Colorado. Bad Joke! 2 pieces of chicken and two piles of potatos and gravy. That was it. They said they were out of sides but, people paying for meals got other sides.

I don't like being lied to and certainly won't do business with anybody that lies to me.

After reading these comments, I am sad to be an American. The terrible grammar used in most of these posts leads me to believe that most KFC customers are immigrants with 3rd grade level English skills. People who complain about a coupon scam at KFC, are the same people who use WIC, food stamps, welfare, etc. This coupon is just another way for you low lifes to get a free dinner. I bet 90% of the people with coupons were black and voted for Obama. Welcome to America, the land of ENTITLEMENT!!

you guys are all greedy idiots. Oprah is an idiot too for putting this on her website. Do you REALLY expect a company to give out limitless supplies of FREE food?? DUH! MORONS! Yeah lets file a class action suit and get our 1.99!! Stupid stupid people..!

Kevin said:


Get to know this e-mail address folks."

Don't bother! A better thing to do with your time, other than screaming about (bad) chicken, would be to contact your congress-critter and find out why you're paying for dying banks, insurance companies and ailing auto companies where you will soon find yourself owning the New GM, replete with bad mgmt and the same greedy union.

I got my free chicken in Palm Harbor, Florida with no problems. I went at lunch around 11:00am today. There was no line and they took my coupon.

The economy is falling apart, the swine flu has ravaged the country side, dogs and cats are living together, there is mass hysteria on the streets, and God has foresaken us with this plague of misery! There is absolute pandemonium on the streets!! And, to top it off, I can't enjoy the free meal that I earned by doing nothing! What the hell is wrong with this country! It's all Obama's fault; I just know it!!

The government is spending us into oblivion and you all are bellyaching about some free chicken coupons? Please get a grip, people.

We just went to the local KFC at the mall and were told they no longer accept the coupons. They said it would be on the news tonite but the coupons are no longer good. What a bummer!!!!!!!

It worked for me! I went to a San Jose KFC and had my delicious "un-fried" chicken, cole slaw, mashed potatoes/gravy and biscuit for FREEEEEE!!! YEEEE!!!

It's a wonder there was any chicken left after Oprah got her fill.... It's a wonder she didn't eat it ALL.

I just returned from the KFC in Pompano B each, FL. There are large signs posted saying that they will NOT honor any coupons today or until further notice. They were also claiming to be completely sold out of the grilled chicken.

We tried two different KFCs in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach, CA and neither would honor the coupons. however, El Pollo Loco gave us some free sides and Tacos Del Carbon for bringing our business there.

I cannot believe all the hype over people not getting "free" chicken. Why don't you spend as much effort in finding out how cruel KFC to their chickens? Maybe that would cure your appetite.

stop whining people...jeez....what do you expect them to give their food away because commie-loving oprah demands it?

I cannot believe everyone is so freakin twisted about getting told no.... KFC is nasty and greasy

I tried to print them off after reading about it on debbieschlussel blog. I downloaded via FireFox and tried to print. It SAID I had ALREADY printed my allotted quantity! Not one printed and if you tried again same thing. What a waste and NOT good PR for KFC. I will be going to Popeyes...

Here are some REAL issues to ponder as you pick out that chicken from between your teeth (know that you've been robbed):

copy/paste URLs

401(k)s Hit by Withdrawal Freezes

Obama Proposes Saving $17 Billion by Cutting Programs

OWE-bama Bets It All On Red

Free Cars For Poor Fuel Road Rage

Did you get a free car? No? Enjoy your chicken. Fools.

San Diego, CA - The Mission Gorge KFC is honoring coupons for walk-in and drive thru customers. Service was friendly, but very slow since there were only like 5 employees working. There was about a 45 min. wait last night at dinner time, but that should improve next week when there's no rush. The mass of customers were very patient waiting and there were no bad attitudes. We got to pick our sides, and the dinner was good, albeit greasy. My husband asked the register clerk if they had notice of this and the clerk said they knew for a while. My husband also asked how KFC was going to be paid for the freebies, and the clerk said he had no idea. On balance, I don't know if this was a profitable idea for KFC.

I work at a company that regularly gives out free gifts (with a purchase). When we run out of free gifts, we either substitute it for something else or we cover our butts by writing "limited supply" on the coupon. Obviously KFC should have written this in big letters. Plenty of companies lure customers in with free gift coupons and regularly run out of them within hours.

And for the commenter who was offended by the bad grammar on this site and blamed immigrants -- you should know that there are plenty of AMERICANS born in AMERICA who use 3rd grade English and poor grammar as well. Heck, even our former vice president thought potato was spelled with an "e" at the end.

Come and live in beautiful Northwestern Wisconsin!
No problems printing the coupons (2) and my wife and I enjoyed the 2-piece dinner with the promised sides alongside a large number of other happy KFC clients yesterday evening.
This franchise was ready and waiting for their guests with smiles and good humor!

Tried for an hour to print the coupon. Most convoluted link.Then ran SpyBot to clean the system as I do daily. Six adwares were found coming from the KFC/Oprah failure. SpyBot took a longer then normal time to clean my system.

I can not believe that everyone is so angry b/c they are not getting it for free. If they tell you NO then ask if you can purchase the meal. If you don't ask to purchase the meal I would not want you to come to my resturant. Go some where else free loaders.

In, Buffalo, Ny, even before the Oprah promotion, the KFC in the Black community (Delevan &Fillmore) had a sign up stating that they DO NOT offer grilled chicken at all. The KFC in the suburb of Amherst not only do they serve grilled chicken, but I went there yesterday with my coupon and only had to wait in line 15 minutes to get my grilled chicken. They already had tray of it grilled, b'c they line wrapped around the restaurant and cars filled the parking lot. This area contains a lot of SUNY @ Buffalo college students.

Kim said @ 1:09 PM:

"On balance, I don't know if this was a profitable idea for KFC."

Who cares? KFC is owned by YUM brands that also own Pizza Hut and Taco Hell, er, Bell. I'm thinking that sacrificing a few scabby chickens to raise your cholesterol levels won't hurt their bottom line very much. But it'll certainly contribute to your bottom.

I'm more entertained that your report included "the mass of customers..." I'm sure they were all 'massive' moo-chers alright. Free crap and they all come running and damn well 'lose it' if they don't get their entitlement.

What a horrible bunch of misplaced anger. Just shoot your TV and start educating yourself on how your country is truly falling to pieces (and not the 10 piece bucket either).

As I stated on my Twitter yesterday (@misskatie1908) Free does not mean GUARANTEED! It was ridiculous to me how many people were getting upset with the fact that the KFC in Columbia, MO ran out of chicken, and that they'd have to wait 30-45 mins! Come on people, it's KFC. What else are they supposed to run out of? America never ceases to amaze me.

I went out to get my free grilled chicken yesterday and it was either wait a very long time to get it or order something different.

I ordered something different. I then got food poisoning and am still suffering through it. I can't say it was KFC but I did get sick about 5 hours after eating it. I had not eaten anything after that either.

I'm sure it's a coincidence, and I do not blame KFC, but it does add to the debacle of yesterday.

What did KFC think? Offer free food and get slammed with customers. They were under prepared for this.

I didn't have any problems printing the coupons. I haven't tried to redeem them yet. The coupon numbers I have end in 0627 and 8344.

Watson @ 1:13 PM said:

"Tried for an hour to print the coupon."

You're kidding, aren't you? There is help out there. Seek it. And I'm not talking about computer help.

Some of you guys are ungrateful for free stuff. "Thanks for nothing" -- she didn't have to do anything. If you were somewhat literate on internet, you would know that servers can and do get overloaded, causing pages not to load. It doesn't matter how many times you restart/reinstall -- if the server has too much traffic and only has so much memory, it cannot do anything until it slows down and redeems more memory back. Buy your own lunch since some of you guys are so ungrateful.

Monica Sharp @ 1:21 PM:

"As I stated on my Twitter yesterday.."

Ahh, yes. The waste of bandwidth and the method with which that boring people use as a means of sharing their self-importance. And yu used that bandwidth to explain the importance of this inane chicken offer. Good for you.

"America never ceases to amaze me."

Touché, Monica, Touché.



KFC in Grand Prairie TX at 20 and Great Southwest had run out of chicken by the time I entered the door but instead of telling people they let them stack up in a line that kept growing and getting more impatient. I think this might be a bad promotion.

Since most of you are having a such a difficult time printing the coupons (boo, hoo)....bring a laptop to the store, hopefully there is an unencrytped wireless router nearby enabling internet access, log into your email, display it on screen and when it's your turn at the trough, place the laptop on the counter and spin it towards the underpaid clerk, grunt and point at the screen with one of your stubby sausage-like fingers. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

This is the fault of one person: The guy who, once the site got overwhelmed with downloads and people installing the coupon printer that would give each user a single coupon with a unique bar code, decided the thing to do was put up a simple generic PDF image of a coupon with a 1234 bar code, which could be printed infinite times and which is good for two weeks.

That guy helped save his company's computer server from going down! And that guy cost KFC millions in food and bad publicity. Whatta guy. Wonder where that guy works today?

Hey, y'all -- you should have known that when it was 'free' every liberal in the U.S. would be runnin' to KFC (causing a major chicken shortage!). I heard it was all a plot by the
Chick-Fil-A cows !!

Boo Hoo. Stop complaining your free lunch didn't pan out. The whole idea that someone owes any of you people something is stupid. These posts simply illustrate the point that when anything is offered as "FREE" it becomes in the minds of many as an entitlement. I mean if Oprah says we can have it then how dare anything stand in our way, especially when two pieces of chicken are involved. PATHETIC

We got the coupons printed, but after waiting in line for a whole hour, they refused to honor the coupons, saying "there's no background" on the coupons and claimed we "copied" them. What "background"? We printed it out directly from their website! I can't believe they made us look like frauds, when WE are the ones who feel cheated. We'll never eat at KFC again and will warn our friends about them. This ad campaign has surely backfired in our case!

Leave it to oprah to screw everything up

DUDE, for you those of you who couldn't print the cupon, I suggest you take a computer lesson and or a lesson of being patient. The poor management of distributing the coupon but for $3.99 or what Oprah or KFC made from this is little so they are not going to have a counter on the coupon to have different code. I try to do it legit but 6 times all with same serial 3 so a save paper by printing 4 copies at once (here we use banner page for each print job). Sorry for those didn't get the chicken. The KFC I went to actually has a sign stating that they execpt the cupon. But the cashier did try to save work/and money for KFC by saying 1 coupon per family/order. But I told have and pointed at the wording on the coupon. "One coupon per person, and I literaly brought my 1 year old". Guy, patient! And for those KFC that didn't I feel sorry for them because they are turnning business away. I got my 5 KFC dinner in SF (one of the greatest city in the world).

guys about the spyware, I don't know if you went to the same site or not, there were no spyware of any sort. the link was Do you guys not know both KFC and the website get "$" out of it? It's call advertisement. You go to the site and click there is there money return. KFC will redeem some $ with the coupon anyway. But feel very sorry for the guys who work for KFC, busy busy, busy.

I went to our KFC store in Fayetteville NC and after waiting in line for 20 minutes I ordered my free chicken plate, but then the manager told me since the last 4 numbers were 1234 he could not accept my coupon, I told him I will go home and print another- when I got home the site now said-TOO LATE the free coupon can no longer be printed. What a bunch of BULL

A lot of these posts sound like they're written by total idiots. How dumb are you to link this to Obama? Saying KFC's racist?

They're giving out FREE FOOD, suck it up if you want to get a free $4.00 meal. I say if it's too much hassle, forget it. Your time is better spent doing something besides trying to skimp on 4 bucks.

I had a great experience, all 4 of my coupons have diff barcodes.
I used 1 yesterday and they gave me my choice of sides ( not the default cole slaw and potatoes) and I could choose the type of chicken body part.
Every person after me had a coupon and was treated respectfully and with great service.

How could you blame OPRAH for KFC's mistake.....Seriously people. I guess you just can't try to do anything free and nice for anyone.

I bet you people blame GOD for blessing you~

Mike said @ 1:56 PM:

"And that guy cost KFC millions in food and bad publicity. Whatta guy. Wonder where that guy works today?"

THAT'S your concern and NOT how banks and auto companies cost YOU tens-of-billions, where CEOs are reaping the rewards of bonuses from the bailouts that their companies recieve? Do you wonder where those guys work today, Mike? Same place! And as I have already stated, YOU paid for it and still do.

Get over this ridiculous printing of coupons in order to obtain a free lousy 3 dollar junk food meal. Seriously. Your priorities are askew.

More reality:

AIG bonuses four times higher than reported

V For... is right

like I said I did it 4 time but all with the same serial # but it doesn't end with 1234. I think the guy actually try to save both KFC and his company because I didn't have to install the coupon printer. then for people who printed after I did they ended up with 1234.

Also I don't think KFC lost much, because now the KFC grilled chicken is well known :) think about how much they need to spend on tradition TV or newspaper ad. to get to this.

think about it how many old folks eat at KFC or should eat at KFC anyway, internet is the way to go.

Posted by: V For.... | May 7, 2009 1:53 PM

This is the fault of one person: The guy who, once the site got overwhelmed with downloads and people installing the coupon printer that would give each user a single coupon with a unique bar code, decided the thing to do was put up a simple generic PDF image of a coupon with a 1234 bar code, which could be printed infinite times and which is good for two weeks.

That guy helped save his company's computer server from going down! And that guy cost KFC millions in food and bad publicity. Whatta guy. Wonder where that guy works today?

This is news? Really?

Went to KFC here in Amarillo. They are only accepting coupons from 2:00 to 4:00. Bunch of crap. KFC sucks. They lost me as a customer.


Class action lawsuit? Are you insane? How have you been so damaged or wronged? God, get over your warped sense of entitlement.

nobody "OWES" you any free food.

I don't know why you people have so much trouble getting free stuff. I have no trouble at all.

I had no problems printing the coupons and neither have any of the students on my campus. All of the KFS locations in the Hampton, VA area are accepting them all day every day until the 19th. Its not oprah's fault, its the cheap store and franchise managers. Its all about making money to them, so if they don't want to honor your coups, just deal with it and move on to the next.

I live in the Kentucky suburbs of Cincinnati. We had a little trouble getting the coupons printed, and while our local KFC was rather busy for the hour (8pm), they were courteous. We were told it could be 20 minutes for grilled chicken. Some people were offered other styles in lieu of waiting. However those of us who chose that option ended having to wait and get grilled anyway. But the food was good and given freely. Thanks to KFC and Oprah.

Did anyone see "Gary Unmarried" on CBS last night?
Talk about product placement, Gary's (Jay Mohr) painter partner even "faced" or straightened out the KFC bag so it was square to the camera in the shot. Two KFC bags in a row showing "GRILLED CHICKEN" and a big bucket.

Not really a complaint, just something I noticed as a blatant product placement. Oh, and Gary and numerous characters mentioned KFC at least a dozen times. FUNNY!

You people are complete IDIOTS. As others have serious help and FAST. Obongo is destroying the country and you fools are worried about not gettin' your free chicken. I guess this is what our once great nation has sadly come to.
Jesus H. Christ

Mmmmm. Chicken good...

I'm from Houston, Texas tried to you the coupon yesterday at the KFC by my house-they wouldn't take it because the bar code ended in 1234& was in black& white (printed from work no color printer).. went home.. tried to print from my color printer..printed blank..not sure if it was my printer or the site..wouldn't allow me to reprint..used same coupon by my job clerk took the coupon without a problem, but I did notice some people in line with the color I really think it depends on which KFC you get and with person you get helping you..because it's actually suppose to be the color coupon and the bar code is different..

I have not had any problems downloading the KFC coupons and mine was honored. Thanks Oprah and thanks KFC for the delicious grilled chicken.

I live in Charleston, SC. I went to the KFC on James Island and was told that because there was not some kind of dot on the right hand side of the coupon. I printed this copy from the public library where I work. I was totally embarrassed as well as my co-worker who I went with. This really bothers me because a lot of people come into the library to print these coupons yesterday and all the coupons were the same. I do not know what kind of set up they were trying to do, but KFC and Oprah disappointed a lot of fans. I hope they fix this mess before Consumer Affairs become involved.

What a bunch of LOSERS!!!!!!! HHow pathetic all of these posts are whining abpout FREE CHICKEN. GET A LIFE.

My co-worker and I used our b&w print-out coupon today ending in 1234. No questions asked. The workers were actually having fun with it and cracking joke. It was a pleasant experience.

Houston, TX

awww. too effin' bad.

KFC is STILL torturing chickens...and you're all whining cuz you can't join in the fun.

I am an ethusiastic carnivore. Elk, Venison, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Salmon, Trout...whatever.

What I find IMMORAL is the deliberate mistreatment of animals just so's y'all can consume without having to hunt them your own selves.

So pardon me while I laugh at you fools for your new woes.

You people complaining are absolutely pathetic.

in reply to the tracking of tracing file can't be removed from once's computer. Dude, so for those trail ware that let you try their software for 30 day puts a tracking on your machine so you can't ever install it again is not good too?? then don't use computer oh and cover your face when you go out.

For the people here blaming Obama...What the hell does he have anything to do with this. As far as I can tell he doesn't run KFC and since the company isn't getting a federal bailout, I can't imagine he has any say in how they run their business.
And the people going to the restaurants, they're not asking for a handout. It's was a privately-owned corporation (which according to your idealogy is the great savior of all of society's ills) that said, "hey come get your free meal." And when the customers get there to find that KFC isn't honoring their end of the bargain, well who can blame them for getting upset.
And from what I can see it's you conservatives who've been doing all the whining lately. That's all you've been doing since George Bush left office. That's what the teabagging parties amounted to - just one big whinefest and no fresh ideas.

You are talking about chicken here people.. all of you complaining about Oprah and Obama need to find another place to post your angry thoughts - this is about chicken coupons! And Randy, who said something about a lawsuit, SHUT UP, are you kidding me? Wow some of you suck.

I was my local libury trying to print coupon for 2 hour. Finally it printed. Yay!!!! I run down KFC. They said out of chiken. RIPP OFF!!!! 4hours of my life gone because of Oprah and General Sanders Chiken.

I'll never eat their free food again!!!

As far as I am conserned I will never be wasting my money with a company that cant support there own coupons. I will never be back at a kfc (and I like there chicken.) I will drive 30 minutes to a boston market and spend my money there I am sure they will like to have me as a customer!

You are standing in long lines getting mad for something that would cost you $6.


Tom @ 3:18 pm SAID:

"As far as I am conserned I will never be wasting my money with a company that cant support there own coupons. I will never be back at a kfc (and I like there chicken.) I will drive 30 minutes to a boston market and spend my money there I am sure they will like to have me as a customer!"

Hey, here is a better idea; go to the grocery store instead and buy something that isn't frozen, packaged or processed.

By the way; the proper spelling for the use of the word is T-H-I-E-R.

i went early in the day with one of oprah's coupons and it worked fine. then, later in the day i went with my boyfriend but they wouldn't accept the printout because it didn't have "bubbles" on it. the printout was printed on a black and white printer, and the bubbles didn't show up because they were pink in the original. i assume this was to stop people from copying them on a copy machine, but this one had a unique bar code and was printed using the printer program - it definitely wasn't a fake.

very, very bad planning and organization. not a good publicity stunt at all. i know kfc made more enemies than fans with this one.

How dare they not give you something for free! People, if you have 4 hours to waste to get free chicken, you should be out getting a job to pay for it.

"By the way; the proper spelling for the use of the word is T-H-I-E-R."

Actually it's T-H-E-I-R.

When you correct someone else's spelling, make sure you spell it right.



What a bunch of pathetic whiners...all you jerks whining and blaming KFC for a lousy 3.99 meal, get a freaking life. Buy the chicken on your own dime...or have we come this far in our entitlement mentality that people are going to piss and moan about chicken? God Help America....I'm so embarrassed.

First off let me that I feel sorry for KFC to a point. They are so ignorant to technology that it is costing them millions of dollars. How in the world do you allow people to print coupons from the internet that can be redeemed for free food without knowing if that coupon is a copy or came from printing multiple copies of the same coupon. In order for this to work, they needed two systems in place.

1. Each coupon that loads up on the internet needs to be unique.

2. Each KFC needs to have some type of scanning system to verify that the coupon being redeemed unique.

It would have cost a little bit of money to have these to systems put in place but they are losing way more money on free meals they will be giving away for the next 10 days. You get what you pay for! Poor design, poor results.

I tried using my coupon at the KFC in Athens, OH, but signs are up saying "Sorry We Are Accepting No Internet Coupons." KFC's online list of participating KFC's, however, includes the one in Athens, OH. Curious.

Had no trouble printing (and got different codes).

Doesn't really matter, though...all 3 restaurants we tried in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach, CA had illegible signs turning us away.

We went to Taco Bell instead.


Pompton Plains NJ. I printed my coupons -- got all kinds -- different bar codes & the same bar codes from the PDF file. My local KFC took all of them without any problems and nice service too.

I live on Oahu, and was told by 3 KFC's that they are not participating in this special. On the coupon it says KFC restaurants located in the U.S. Hawaii is in the U.S. last time I looked. Shame on KFC, making so many people angry over food. Don't they know about the recession. What is Oprah doing about this matter?.... I plan not to eat at KFC until I get answers from the 1-800-225-5532 people there.
Aloha from hungry in paradise.

You still get free coronary artery disease with every visit. That is one finger lickin' good slow suicide.

It is a SCAm. I will never eat at KFC. bad People.

As a professional in the communications business I decided to run a test on what was occurring with the URL site that everyone was sucked into by Oprah.

It's riddled with spyware and other malicious code.

The old saying, "If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is."

The tipoff was in the instructions. First you had a very small amount of time in which to print your coupons.
Second, when you tried to print you received a message that you had to download a special print driver to enable your printer to print barcode.

Bovine fecal material! All printers today can easily print barcode without any special print driver.

So the poor unfortunate and Oprah trusting individual has now compromised his or her personal computer and guess who sucked them into it?

Someone really should look into this deeper as it has all the trappings of a hacker that is bent in interrupting Internet service for the rest of us.

I never had much respect for Oprah. Now I have even less.

It was said above---"How dare they not give you something for free! People, if you have 4 hours to waste to get free chicken, you should be out getting a job to pay for it."


"What a bunch of pathetic whiners...all you jerks whining and blaming KFC for a lousy 3.99 meal, get a freaking life. Buy the chicken on your own dime...or have we come this far in our entitlement mentality that people are going to piss and moan about chicken? God Help America....I'm so embarrassed."

Yep, this is exactly what I thought when I read all of this--all this nonsense over a $3.99 chicken dinner and to wait hours for that??? Wow, some people have way more time on their hands than I do! LOL!!

I don't think people are winning so much because they didn't get something for nothing. The fact of the matter is, KFC should honor the commitment that it made by marketing this promotion. It is false advertising to say if you bring this coupon you can get this, and when you get there you get 10 million excuses as to why you can not. If the coupons needed to be in color, it should specifically say that on the coupon and on the web. If you can only use them during certain hours, it should say that as well. I am a District Manager for a Franchisee in another Restaurant Chain, and Franchisees have to honor the promotions that Corporate runs. They sign a contract to the fact. KFC and those Franchisees who are not honoring those coupons have dug themselves into a hole and it will be a long time before they are able to dig themselves out of it. The trust is gone!


"I wonder how many "I want my free lunch ... Waaaaaaaa!" people voted for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Socialists now in office."


Ha Ha Ha! All you morons couldn't get your Opray chicken! You ain't seen nothin' yet!

Just wait until youn gotta stand in line for yo' Obama "Health Care"! Ha Ha Ha!

"Yep, this is exactly what I thought when I read all of this--all this nonsense over a $3.99 chicken dinner and to wait hours for that??? Wow, some people have way more time on their hands than I do! LOL!! "

Wow, guess what bright guy... some people actually wait in line for Food when it's free and the economy is in the crapper. Entitlement Mentality???

Your Arrogance is truly transparent and NOT inspiring.

Go back and listen to Rush Limpballs. Yes, i'm sure he's your favorite "talk radio" host...

I wasn't even able to print the coupon ={

La Vernge(Nashville) TN.

I printed out a unique coupon (no 1234) code or anything and the bastards still wouldn't take the coupon, KFC's website should've put something up showing which KFC's by state were accepting them and which ones weren't. Either way it sounds like there haven't been too many successful "I got my free chicken" claims =/

Whatever I'm going to Popeyes.


All this complaining over not getting free stuff. What a crew of losers.

I have to laugh at all these butthurt political morons finding a way to make this Obama related. Seriously, take a second to look at how crazy you'd have to be to make this leap from KFC offering a free chicken dinner to the inherent, already decided (ostensibly) failure of reforms to the health-care system, which is beyond messed up to begin with.

The chicken is ok, not that great. Everyone taking the KFC side vs the consumer on this obviously has an axe to grind. What other companies would you let get away with making broken promises? It's DECEPTIVE to give out a coupon to get someone into the store and then not honor it. It's called a PROMOTION because they expect to get sales out of it. YUM brands will be fine, so stop using this topic as another freaking socialist-liberal-monarchist(That is your new term de jour to mask your seething idiocy and racism) wedge, ya poor losers!

People, please don't bother to install more software on your computer. It's basically guaranteed to do more damage than the $5 food savings. Also, of course some people can't print it! That's usually because you've already installed something that's corrupted your web browser. As for the virus warning, please do a search. If you don't find others with the same behavior at the coupon site, you were probably already infected. Virii tend to hide within internet temp files.


If you are having trouble using your coupon, KFC gave me this number to call: 1-800-U-SUCKER

This is from an article in the St. Petersburg Times Newspaper.
The Business Section asked readers for ideas on "How Would You Fix the Economy?"
Seems like this guy nailed it!

Dear Mr. President:
Please find below my suggestion for fixing America 's economy.
Instead of giving billions of dollars to companies that will squander the money on lavish parties, travel and unearned bonuses, use the following plan.
You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan:
There are about 40 million people over 50 in the work force.
Pay them $1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

1) They MUST retire. Forty million job openings - Unemployment fixed.

2) They MUST buy a new American CAR. Forty million cars ordered -Auto Industry fixed.

3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage - Housing Crisis fixed.
It can't get any easier than that!

If more money is needed, have all members of Congress and their constituents pay their taxes...

Thanks Oprah for the meal! Wonder why Obama went tlike he did? AH Dah

I've been a KFC customer for years. KFC ran out of the grilled product last week (and I wasn't expecting it for free either) and well yes, I accepted a substitute for the same price. This is fast food right?...and the next day there was product available. On the coupon front, I had a humorous experience...I tried to print the coupons...nothing for an hour...I'm staring at the thanks for printing the coupon page and the link to click if it didn't print...i finally just closed the browser window and the coupons immediately printed!...I'll go to KFC after the rush dies big deal!

Went to the Palatine, IL. KFC and were told that the offer was discontinued for know. We filled out a form and were told we would be mailed new coupons in the future.

Why would anyone want to eat that crap anyways?

We have become a nation of whiners and nutjobs. Apparently, Oprah, Obama, Bush and KFC are racists, thieves, murderers, conspirists, scammers, and spammers. I thought they were trying get people to try their new chicken. Eh? What do I know...

Let me just say, bad move KFC! McDonalds did not have this problem when they launched their iced coffee drinks or chicken what's your problem? You will not honor my coupon KFC, I will never go back to your business. Wonder how long all 3 KFC in Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley are going to last? I know that I am NOT the only disgruntled customer. So stupid! A measly $4.00 coupon is probably going to cost you your business, and you know what KFC--you deserve it.


I live in Louisville and work within 1 mile of Yum Brands, the parent company of KFC. I went to a KFC on Bardstown Road today and got my free 2 piece meal. When I got there, I got in the drive-thru line and after waiting about 10 minutes in the line, they finally told me you have to come inside. The line was long, took about 20 minutes. I have to admit that the grilled chicken was very good.

in reply to the tracking of tracing file can't be removed from once's computer. Dude, so for those trail ware that let you try their software for 30 day puts a tracking on your machine so you can't ever install it again is not good too?? then don't use computer oh and cover your face when you go out.

Even grilled it's still junk food.

Milwaukee here..I think its rightfully so that people complain....people on here saying we have nothing to complain about...well fact is, if you followed the directions to recieve a free meal, and that isnt honored, then it is fair to complain....plain and simple..
all the kfc's in milwaukee didnt honor the coupon....they had people standing outside wating for people before they even came in.
i am a 2 time combat vet, and i thought it would be cool to take some older vietnam vets to get a free meal, and get away from the VA food for a change, and the were pretty excited. i felt terrible having each given them a coupon that followed all the rules only to be turned i ended up paying for everyones meal......classic bait and switch routine by kfc!!!
wait to support the troops and the working man!!
it isnt oprahs or obamas fault either...that is ridiculous to blame anybody like that and im a hardcore republican....blame kfc!!! i enjoy their food, but im pretty disappointed by this, and it shows that my frustration was shared all over the country!
so add milwaukee to the list of kfc's that dont honor the coupon either!

Perhaps this coupon would provide the only meal of the day for many children and adults. Our local library was very busy allowing people who do not have computers to download the coupons.

I went to the KFC in Tampa Florida on Ehrlich Rd - they had a long line of cars each having the free coupon (including me). Well, there was a KFC employee in the parking lot flagging people over to his make shift drive-thru ("come this way if you have a coupon" he shouted across the parking lot). This location passed out another coupon (lol, you gotta laugh), asking the customers to mail their coupon, in exchange for another coupon. The employee told us that they do have the grilled chicken in stock but were saving it for the paying customers. Thats why we had to mail our coupon into the corporate office -to exchange it for another free grilled chicken coupon. Make Sense?? Meanwhile, people that were supposed to be getting the free chicken were paying full price to buy the original or extra crispy chicken. Oh and if the customer wanted to they can buy the chicken at full price and get a free drink if they have the coupon. Sounds like each location has their own scam going.

PoPEyes is better ands Churches steriod enhanced chicken is bigger and cheaper with the best biscuits of all three.

No problem at my KFC outlet.


come on people, its a free chicken meal... the worlds in economic recession, swine flu's at the door (not really but the newsman says its so), crime's skyrocketing your government owes 11,300 for each and every1 of you... but damn it if i dont get my free chicken there'll be hell to pay!!!

People, all this frustration for a $5 meal? Not worth all the frustration. For the record. I had the meal at my small KFC here in California. No crowds, no problem.

Who is going to waste a stamp and a trip to the post office and send in their raincheck for a cheap KFC meal. This is the worse marketing campaign ever.

HE is SOOOOOO right "All this complaining over not getting free stuff. What a crew of losers." Its free and you have the nerve to cry because it wasn’t fast enough or you got a rain check, ungrateful Americans


I was at a KFC/Taco Bell last night in the drive thru where I saw a woman driving through the drive-thru using a coupon, and as the line went on, her husband and 5 kids came out, each carrying a separate bag. Maybe this is why they're running out of the food, or getting ticked off at the coupons. People are taking advantage and it's screwing everyone else over. Good job, all of you greedy people.

I had no problem printing the coupon on Tuesday. I went to redeem it Wednesday at 11:00am and was told that there was a problem with the griller and it would take an hour before they would have the grilled chicken. Today I went back at around 1:40pm only to find that the KFC was not honoring the coupons and that they didn't have any chicken, grilled or fried, to sell. What's up with that? I had tried the grilled chicken before and thought it was very good, but it will be a long time before KFC gets my business again.

You don't get chicken! You don't get chicken! You don't get chicken! NOBODY GETS CHICKEN!

Its a sad sad situation..have some can't be worth it hustling for free food.. Not unless you are homeless or live in a shelter. Like someone mentioned pay for the damn unhealthy chicken if you are that starved, otherwise its shameful to go on and on about not getting a 4$ meal for free!

That damn phone number doesnt work BEEFLOAF!

I'm going to sue Oprah and KFC. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PEOPLE

KFC is offering a free meal at a later date plus a free pepsi if you...
Mail your coupon to:
KFC Grilled Coupon
P.O Box 99568
Louisville, KY 40269-0568

must be postmarked by May 19, 2009

include name address city and state and zip

On Westly Chapel Rd. in Decatur, GA yesterday they accepted the coupons and didn't really look at them; Today they had a sign on the door that said they wouldn't

After waiting for more than 45 minutes in the north miami beach ,florida 163 street , one of the service people gave me in a bad manner and really in bad mood my free meal, well i guess i could not complaint, it was free , but the experience, the rudness and the small sides and chicken, could not be better than the service,
never going back there again!!!!!


To the person who says they won't be going back to KFC because of the "bad PR" of this situation and also claims they ate at Taco Bell instead..., you do realize that those are both YUM restaurants, right?

KFC is not accepting the coupons any more. They want you to fill out a paper and send for another coupon. Thanks for the scam KFC and Oprah.

Remember guys, if you want to get back at the company for not knowing how to handle the have to do it from all angles. KFC is part of YUM! YUM! is composed of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silver's. Don't say forget KFC and then go to their other restaurant. Get them where it hurts. The new raincheck seems to be more or their marketing purpose of collecting information and then selling your info. Be careful.

"We went to Taco Bell instead."

FYI: Taco Bell is owned by the same company that owns KFC. YUM FOODS owns: KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, A&W, & Long John Silvers.

Its a free piece of chicken people. Get some perspective. Seriously, How important is this to you?/ Have you never gotten fed for free in your life at anytime??

Went to the livonia KFC and the girl said they are no longer honoring the coupon. What a scam. Just shows you Oprah put as much time in researching this promotion as she did Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing

what a bunch of ingrates.
some facts: kfc is honoring the coupons so quit your whining; if you could not print the coupon its your own fault. either you are screwed up or your computer is. stop blaming everyone else for your stupidity; kfc grilled chicken is just as poisonous at the other grease soaked stuff they try to pass off as chicken. if you couldn't get any, consider it a blessing in disguise.

They have to grow some more chickens, folks. Pace yourselves....

Never mind the chicken.

I cannot get over the fact of how many people have willing installed spyware on their machines.

This is why identity theft is on the rise.

For those of you who did this on work computers, shame on you for compromising your work machines and shame on your I.T. staff for poor oversight.

People, Please get over it. It seems the mention of free in this country starts a bum rush for anything. I guess people want KFC welfare next........................Maybe Obama will preasure KFC into chicken bankruptcy, of course after a billion $ bailout attempt.

so how does this work now? if i have 4 unique coupons left do i send them in a single evelope? or will they just screw me and send only one coupon back if i do such a thing?

Just have to laugh out load at some of these conservative loser posters.

These folks are turning a mishandled fastfood promotion into an oppurtunity to bash Liberals and/or the O'bama administration

Mam oh Man, you neo-cons are getting really..really..really desperate aren't you!

Just keep up this crazy neo-con rhetoric and you will never see a conservative majority again, you folks come off as plain old nut jobs when you think your making some sort of point.

Ok, first of all, get over it - it was a free chicken meal you didn't have before the coupon, I think you'll all manage to survive without it. Judging from some of the pictures I saw of people in lineups, some of you could survive a very long time without more greasy chicken, or any other food for that matter.

Secondly, while Oprah is covering the cost for the corporate stores, any franchise which accepts these coupons is paying for it themselves - they won't get any money back from Oprah, so she's basically giving away their money. Nice one.

As for the woman who was declaring that the franchises had to honor this because she had to honor promotions in her different chain, guess what, it's a different chain, with a different contract. Not rocket science, is it?


Here in Oakland, CA all the KFC's were trying to impose various ridiculous rules and excuses to the offer. Not before 3p, first 300 people, not after 8p, not after 8:30p, we ran out of chicken, not after 2p, not in the drive thru - walk in only, first 150 people, by rain check only, etc..... WHAT A HUGE BAT AND SWITCH SCAM! KFC just wanted to lure people in with the hopes when they refused the coupon you would go ahead and pay. I hope no one fell for it - just walk out! I refuse to buy KFC again, and as a previous poster said - the stuff is very unhealthy anyways! Lesson learned another example of corporate America not giving a rats#@! about middle America - another way to trick us out of our money!

I tried this chicken a few days before the big coupon scandal. I was really disappointed by the size of the actual chicken pieces. Where do they get these genetically altered tiny chickens? Looked like baby chick parts with no muscles. Or is it just naked without all of the breaded coating junk? Anyway, I would just throw the chicken out and go for the sides.

My husband, daughter, and I just went to the KFC on 16th Street in Moline, IL by Southpark Mall and was given a piece of paper to fill out and send to the coorporate office to receive one free meal ticket per household. They told us that they were doing this because someone had broken in and scammed a bunch of coupons and were selling them on E-Bay.

"I'm going to sue Oprah and KFC. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT PEOPLE"

Goodness, what a loser. They don't owe you this. You complainers are so arrogant. They were overwhelmed, which is dumb on their part. However, some of you act like this is your God given right to get this chicken.

And to the others that blame Obama. You are just S T U P I D. You are the ones that elected Bush twice and you are the reason our economy is in the trouble it's in. Why don't you blame Bush for no jobs rather than put all that energy into a free $4.00 meal.

No use trying to use them anywhere along the central coast of California. Cheap, dirty liars.

In Honolulu, HI on May 6th at 2pm (one day into the offer and several hours after the store opened the second day and after lunch) I had tried to use these in the Drive Thru and when I pulled up the MANAGER took the coupon and ripped it up in my face! she said she's not accepting these coupons (as she's ripping it up) and told me if I wanted it, I would have to pay full price and she'd try to throw in a wing or a extra biscuit. Bait and switch! She tried to say that Hawaii is not one of the participating locations (she said it was only continental US but it doesn't say that on the coupon,she was making it up as she went) and she took my coupon and ripped it up in my face. Nice huh?

I used my coupon two days ago and it was no problem here in Millville NJ....

It was nice to get something free for a change....

We were told at the Ashland, Ohio KFC that the coupon site had been hacked; therefore you needed to fill out the raincheck because they didn't know which coupons were legit or hacked. What a crock of bullshit...we walked out.

Interesting that in a time when we are so upset about corporate greed...we, as a population can't be trusted to follow the rules and get just one meal. I've heard many people brag about their many trips

As for's been said...poor planning...but why would you lure people into your store only to treat them like begging scum...kind of defeats the purpose. There are better ways to apologize to customers..after all, you asked us to come try your new "healthier" chicken. Don't you want my business?

I too was unsuccessful getting my free meal here in Monticello NY...Really not nice in these times to waste going 20 miles to be turned down!

El Pollo Loco will GLADLY redeem the coupons. When I walked in to El Pollo Loco in El Cajon CA and showed it to the mgr, he laughed out loud and said, let me give you some REAL grilled chicken. As he was handing me 2 free meals which consisted of 2 decent pieces of chicken, a bowl of beans and a bowl of rice w/ 2 tortillas, salsa, avocado sauce... He showed me the meals and said "This is real grilled chicken. Thanks for coming in. See you next time." I loved it!

When I went to print my coupons Wed night it said I had to download the 'coupon printer' or something so I did that. Followed all the steps. And when I got done I got the 'to print next' section... I clicked on 'next' and I got a message that I had already printed my coupons. I had not printed them and was not happy that I missed out on this offer.

I went to the KFC on Parmer Lane in Austin to use my coupon. They rudely told me at the drive through that no KFC were honoring these coupons anymore and there was a note on the drive thru explaining why. I told them that this was false advertising and I was going to make a formal complaint. As I was leaving, the guy behind me was yelling at the employees and punching the drive thru window. Before I made it out of the parking lot he urinated on the building and threw a brick through the window. It's chicken fever!

Yesterday I tried, came in around dinner time... oh what a mistake. I was told it would be about 50 minutes for the chicken. So I got some tacos instead (it was a KFC / Taco Bell combo store).

I came back today after lunch time, saw no one in the drive thru (excelent I thought to my self) drove in... another mistake. When I got to the ordering kiosk, there was a hand written sign saying they were not accepting the coupon, blah blah.

KFC / Taco Bell is so very off my list of establishments to visit. This was handled so poorly I'm surprised. They got me in twice to observe how incompetent they are... good job Yum Brands.

i think it is all a bait and switch.
Boycot KFC

As a employee at a KFC coporation, I am in FULL support of the rain checks. The store i work at not only honored the coupons, but did so with a friendly helpful manner.
We were treated with disdain, were the victems of angry people(who were upset because the didnt like the side items or the fat it was dark meat).
The people who came were rude and justr downright nasty...its free food, why look a gift horse in the mouth? get some common sense people, and treat the workers at your store with respect

As far as the KFC promotion, can you say FRAUD?
I have 1 coupon a friend gave to me to use. I tried to redeem it at 5:30 in the afternoon. I was told it only could be redeemed before 4 pm that takes care of having to redeem coupons for anybody that works days.
My mother tried to print the coupons and the coupon link froze and would not do anything.
I have not yet decided if I will hassle with sending the "raincheck" and the coupon in for a coupon "to be used later". And who knows if they KFC will even choose to honor those coupons at a later date? I do know though if I do CHOOSE to use the coupon it is because of general principal. After that I will not set foot in a KFC again.
Oprah and her staff should be ashamed of themselves for not fully fact-checking this promotion and ensuring that KFC would honor what they wanted to put on her website. Oprah, do you need a good fact-checker? I'm available.

I'm in San Diego California and had no problem printing the coupons and my KFC honored it without question at the drive-thru. I'm not sure if it made a difference that we went at lunchtime on a week day and not in the evening or weekend.

I got turned away with my coupon. I am still hungry. Thanks Oprah.

Hello from Houston, Texas will hold on to your computer keys, customer service from KFC is so bad , the employees aren't even talking to customers about the coupon they have posted a note on the front doors of the KFC's , stating that they are not taking anymore coupons due to the large number of coupons that they have recieved , no information on how they will contact us , how we are to use the coupon at a later date. then I order a regular order of chicken strips they were semi warm and dried out over cooked. then the employees had us waiting for 8 minutes for a shift change and the manager walked by the front counter never said sorry , we are in the middle of a shift change she went back into her office . for any of you guys here in Houston the store number is W150163

I live in Las Vegas and I printed out the coupon with no problem. I actually got to use one at the store in Henderson on College Drive. I was very impressed with them so I called my wife and she printed off a coupon for herself and the two kids. Two hours later she called me and said they refused the coupon. They told her that they ran out of chicken so they would give rain checks. As she was filling out the forms, a large group came in and ordered grilled chicken buckets....4 of them. They had no problem selling the chicken which accounted for 60 pc's of grilled chicken. She decided to wait and see if more came. Others with coupons were told the same about no chicken but when they stated can they buy it they magically had chicken.

My opinion is bad business. They used to call this bait and switch........ I can tell you that I am in sales and I could never get away with this with my customers. I tell everyone to stay away from KFC.

Tried to use my coupon today, 5/12 at the W. Sahara location in Las Vegas. Nothing doing; rain checks only. I don't agree with all of the comments regarding bait and switch really - as we turned our happy selves around and left. Nobody's forcing me to buy anything at your establishment, thank you! You're just not getting any of my business and I hope you like it that way :) I do feel that it was a disservice by the corporate whosit's to offer this when there was not adequate time for the locations to prepare, but overall it's bringing a negative viewpoint to the entire thing.

There are so many families that are hurting right now and good publicity (especially freebies here and there) is what is keeping companies alive. I know every corporation has to make money, but so do the families that would potentially be visiting your store.

Downloaded the necessary coupon printer, but was never able to print the coupon. I wonder how many people are so ticked off at KFC that they wouldn't set foot in one now?

It's not Oprah's fault becaue KFC will get their money. When a coupon is issued, someone (usually a Manufacturer) pays for that coupn. Oprah's network are going to pay for them so KFC would've gotten their money in the long run. They probably would have made MORE money if they were smart enough to stock up with more chicken.

Good riddens to bad rubbish I say. I'm not even going to send in my raincheck because I probably won't get anything back.

Good riddens KFC. HELLOOO El Pollo Loco!!

It was pretty much a joke out here in Austin. We went by 2 KFCs 4 times in the last week and they always had a sign out saying they would only give a rain check.

If you had money you could mysteriously get the grilled chicken......

Its free so I am not going to bitch too much but it was a horrible PR event. We will eat at Golden Chicken from now on....

Nope no free chicken here in Iowa, got the coupon the first day it was up, almost the first 4 hrs, all local Omaha stores refused to even accept them.
I refuse to return to this type of slam the public scam establishment, I can go to a local grocery store and get the same chicken cheaper. Good luck KFC you lost another 50.00 a month customer.

Sent in my coupons before the cut off with date imprinted stamps at the post office. Now what? It has been a month.

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